Kid Rock Enjoys Beyoncé’s ‘Nice F*cking Ass,’ But Prefers ‘White Chicks With Big Tits’

By | 19 Comments

Kid Rock adores Radiohead and Beyoncé about as much as he does Ticketmaster.


Kid Rock On ‘American Sniper': ‘I Was Looking For An Excuse To Tell Michael Moore To Go F*ck Himself’

By | 31 Comments

Kid Rock fires another salvo against critics of 'American Sniper,' claiming that he's always wanted to take a shot at Michael Moore.


Michael Moore’s Delayed ‘American Sniper’ Response Asks ‘What Would Jesus Do?’

By | 24 Comments

After nearly a week of silence, the documentary filmmaker decided to add more fuel to the 'American Sniper' fire.

#Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Responded To Kid Rock’s ‘Uncle Molestation’ Comment, And It’s Wonderful

By | 39 Comments

After allowing himself one joke, the co-star of 'The Interview' composed and published a much longer response.

american sniper

Kid Rock Responds To Seth Rogen’s ‘American Sniper’ Tweets: ‘Your Uncle Probably Molested You’

By | 87 Comments

Kid Rock has a few thoughts on noted "American Sniper" critics Seth Rogen and Michael Moore. None of them are kind.

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A Timeline Of Kid Rock’s Many Feuds In The Music Business

By | 14 Comments

His name is KIDDDDDDDDDDD, and a lot of people piss him off.


Frotcast 234: ‘Obvious Child,’ ‘Girls’ Vs. ‘Entourage’

By | 51 Comments

I got some comedians together to have a pizza party and talk about 'Obvious Child,' a movie about a comedian.


Kid Rock Wants You To Know He Doesn’t ‘Face-Tweet’ And Thinks Rap-Rock Is ‘Pretty Gay’

By | 10 Comments

Kid Rock is releasing his 10th studio album next month, prompting him to share his opinions on drugs, homophobia, guns and technology.


Nü Metal Jacket: Revisiting WWF Forceable Entry 12 Years On

By | 50 Comments

It's been 12 years since the classic (?) WWF Forceable Entry CD. Let's take a walk down Nu Metal memory lane.

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Here’s What Really Happened In The Pamela Anderson Kidnapping Scene In ‘Borat’

By | 16 Comments

Breaking down Pamela Anderson's kidnapping scene from "Borat." Yes, Kid Rock is involved.

#The Simpsons

The Most Star-Studded Episodes To Watch During FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

By | 19 Comments

Get your DVRs ready to record these episodes that feature some of the biggest stars to ever offer their voices to 'The Simpsons.'

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Kid Rock Issued Two Profanity-Laced Responses Regarding His Infamous Glass Dildo

By | 17 Comments

Kid Rock finally responded to that whole mess with the glass dildo, Insane Clown Posse and a sexual harassment lawsuit.

insane clown posse

Kid Rock Has Been Ordered To Turn Over His Glass Dildo In Insane Clown Posse Case

By | 48 Comments

Kid Rock has been ordered to turn over the glass dildo he got from Dirty Dan. No, seriously.


Paulina Gretzky Covered ‘Picture’ By Kid Rock In The Least Cool Paulina Gretzky Moment Ever


Do you like Kid Rock? Do you like beautiful model millionaires? Here's Paulina Gretzky covering 'Picture' by Kid Rock for some reason.


A Very Scientific Ranking Of The 29 Worst Celebrity Guests In WrestleMania History

By | 116 Comments

We're counting down the 29 worst celebrity guests in WWE WrestleMania history, from Kim Kardashian to the 'Where's the Beef?' lady.


The 10 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows We’ve Had To Suffer Through

By | 42 Comments

Here are the 10 of the worst Super Bowl Halftime shows to date, because listing ALL OF THEM would be too easy.


After Blackfish Backlash, Alan Jackson And Kid Rock Step In To Save SeaWorld’s BBQ Festival

By | 25 Comments

While other music artists and bands have withdrawn from SeaWorld's music festival in Orlando because of 'Blackfish,' Kid Rock and Alan Jackson will play.


Watch Katy Perry, Kid Rock, John Mayer, And Other Musicians Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On Kimmel

By | 33 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel had musicians read the nasty stuff being said about them on Twitter in the latest installment of "Mean Tweets."


A Guy On Crutches Tried To Break Into Kid Rock’s House. No, Seriously


A Detroit man was arrested for trying to break into Kid Rock's house using a van and a pair of crutches. Because he was ON CRUTCHES.

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