Sounds Of The Apocalypse

Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Kid Sister’s “Motivation” Remix

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Let me preface things by saying I enjoy Kelly's chart-banger, as stated many times before.

Wonderlic Test

3.1 The Cooler

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Johanie Taylor How Smart Are You? Take The NFL's Wonderlic Test [Bleacher Report] Tatyana Ali Talks “Fresh Prince” Reunion [GOT] Gwyneth Paltrow's Dream Duet Partner: Jay-Z [Billboard] Wrong Lyrics Christina: Meme Alert [Blippitt] How To Spot A Liar [Double Viking] On The Set Of Ace Hood's [...].

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Kid Sister – “Big N Bad” Video

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I'm well-versed in Kid Sister's Ultraviolet rays (mainly because I reviewed the muddafugga) but that still doesn't detract from me actually thinking her songs are catchy.


Kid Sister – “Daydreaming” Video

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Question: If Kid Sister actually worked at a donut shop, would you have a problem licking the custard off her pro-nails.


3.9 The Cooler

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Jessica Removed in favor of Our P.


Kid Sister x Married To The Mob

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Reasons why we'd choose to spotlight a ladies clothing brand like Married To The Mob's Spring '09 Collection.

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