Kid Sister Feat. Danny Brown – “Gucci Rag Top” (Remix) Video

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Never really been a big <a href="">Kid Sister</a> fan, myself.

Sounds Of The Apocalypse

Sounds Of The Apocalypse: Kid Sister’s “Motivation” Remix

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Let me preface things by saying I enjoy Kelly's chart-banger, as stated <a href="">many times</a> before.

Wonderlic Test

3.1 The Cooler

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Johanie Taylor How Smart Are You? Take The NFL's Wonderlic Test [Bleacher Report] Tatyana Ali Talks “Fresh Prince” Reunion [GOT] Gwyneth Paltrow's Dream Duet Partner: Jay-Z [Billboard] Wrong Lyrics Christina: Meme Alert [Blippitt] How To Spot A Liar [Double Viking] On The Set Of Ace Hood's [...].

Scoop DeVille

Kid Sister Feat. Gucci Mane – “Gucci Rag Top”

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<a href=""> Kid Sister & Gucci Mane? Hey, roll with the flavor if it works and here it does, largely due to producer Scoop DeVille's use of rumbling bass. Not sure why this one was left off her <a href="">Kiss Kiss Kiss</a> tape.

Paul Wall

Kid Sister x Nick Catchdubs – Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Mixtape

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<a href=""> When it comes to iPod shuffling, Kid Sister's Ultraviolent still gets substantial burn from me and that's not due to the fact I think she looks as edible as a morning muffin. There's an "it" factor that is transmitted through her music that makes her accessible towards the Pop spectrum while still being able to hold tight to her scrunchies and rap sensibilities. Since it's been an Internet minute since her debut, the Chicago buttercup is getting her glamour swag together and puckering up for the studio with Nick Catchdubs for Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. Mashing it up with Gucci, Nina Sky and Paul Weezy, put your right hand "hi" on the mouse and click download if you're a fan. <a href="">Download Mixtape</a> 01.

Theophilus London

Night Of The Living Dance

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<a href=""> Despite my budget trying to sway me otherwise, I plan on spending my Halloween getting sloshed with <a href="">Chromeo</a> X <a href="">A-Trak</a> X <a href="">Theophilus London</a>, for what my Chi-Town brethren says shall be the hottest concert in the land come October's end.

#Kanye West

Kid Sister – “Big N Bad” Video

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<a href=""> I'm well-versed in Kid Sister's Ultraviolet rays (mainly because <a href="">I reviewed</a> the muddafugga) but that still doesn't detract from me actually thinking her songs are catchy.


Kid Sister – “Daydreaming” Video

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Question: If Kid Sister actually worked at a donut shop, would you have a problem licking the custard off her pro-nails.


3.9 The Cooler

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Jessica Removed in favor of Our P.


Kid Sister x Married To The Mob

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Reasons why we'd choose to spotlight a ladies clothing brand like <a href="">Married To The Mob's</a> Spring '09 Collection.

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