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This Kid Taking A Soccer Ball To The Face In Slow Motion Is Comedy At Its Finest

By | 3 Comments

This kid taking a soccer ball to the face might be the funniest thing we've ever seen on the internet.


Zachary Quinto Is Starring In A New NBC Drama And The Entire Premise Is Him Slapping Someone’s Kid

By | 12 Comments

Zachary Quinto is starring in a NBC miniseries called 'The Slap,' and he will be playing the part of the slapper.


Here’s A Father Actually Having To Tell His Son: ‘You Can’t Hit People Because You Want Pancakes!’

By | 9 Comments

You shouldn't have to be told, at any age, not to punch people because you want pancakes.


This Video Of Kids Scared Of Their Shadows Will Give Parents Some Very Bad Ideas

By | 3 Comments

Does it make you a bad person for laughing at these little kids who are terrified of their shadows? Not at all.

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