‘Doritos Roulette’ Is The Stupid New Snack Game Taking YouTube By Storm

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Kids in Canada are taking the Doritos Roulette challenge and posting reaction videos on YouTube to taunt us losers who can't get the chips.


A 5-Year Old Arizona Boy Dropped His Shorts On The Playground And Was Cited For Sexual Misconduct

By | 18 Comments

An Arizona woman is speaking out after a playground incident turned into her 5-year old's record having 'sexual misconduct' on it.

kids these days

Watch A Sister Throw Boiling Water On Her Brother, Because Kids These Days

By | 6 Comments

Kids these days (are throwing pots of boiling water on their siblings).


Patrice Wilson’s Latest Music Video Production Crosses Just About Every Line

By | 14 Comments

Patrice Wilson is back with another pop music video production for Alison Gold's 'Shush,' but this one is not even remotely funny or cute.


Watch Someone Paint All Over A Banksy Piece In Queens

By | 10 Comments

Queens graffiti artist "Problem Child" was caught on video tagging over Bansky's most recent piece, which lasted only 13 hours before being defaced.


26 States Actually Want to Teach Science

By | 7 Comments

If there's one problem that's defined science in America in the twenty-first century, it's the fact that a small but vocal and politically active part of the country wants to jam their fingers in their ears and scream about how it's not true because this book they've never actually bothered to read closely or understand the history of says its not true so shut up.


Vodka-Soaked Tampons Are Seriously a Thing

By | 19 Comments

Yesterday, my head exploded when I watched soaked tampons into their vaginas (or rectums) and also by using beer bongs for alcohol enemas.

Justin Bieber


By | 14 Comments

Here is a Mexican news report about a local Justin Bieber concert selling out, and I am not exaggerating when I say that this is three minutes of pure, unadulterated chaos.

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