death metal

This Little Girl Singing The Death Metal ABCs Is Why The Internet Exists


She wants to scream the alphabet at you, but she also wants her mommy.


This Barber Will Publicly Shame Your Misbehaving Kid With An Old Man Haircut

By | 4 Comments

Looking for a new way to punish your kids? This barber has a deal for you.

jay cutler

Jay Cutler Can’t Even Pass Off The Kids To Wife Kristin Cavallari

By | 4 Comments

Cavallari's latest Instagram post reveals what Cutler has been up to in the off season.

#WWE Raw

Triple H Broke Character During Raw To Make A Crying Child Feel Better

By | 58 Comments

Here's Triple H continuing to be the coolest guy in the world to little kids, even after he's made them sob.


Pizza Is Being Fingered As The New Culprit In Making America’s Kids Fat

By | 24 Comments

A new study has determined that kids are eating too much pizza, and the kinds of pizza they're eating are really bad for them.


A Group Of 4th Graders Allegedly Plotted To Kill Their Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

By | 11 Comments

Knowing their teacher was highly allergic to hand sanitizer, the students supposedly planned to put sanitizer on their teacher's belongings.


This Toddler’s Unique Dance Moves Are Going To Make Him Popular With The Ladies Someday


This video of a kid dancing at a wedding trumps every other video of a kid dancing at a wedding.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Kid Calmly Trash Every Aisle Of A Dollar Store

By | 35 Comments

It is pure mayhem when this kid decides to calmly trash and ruin everyone's day at this Dollar General store.


Randy Orton Got RKO’d By A Tiny Child And Won Christmas

By | 16 Comments

Randy Orton ran into a kid on Christmas and won the holiday FROM OUTTA NOWHERE~!


This School Punished A Blind Kid By Replacing His Cane With A Foam Pool Noodle

By | 24 Comments

Who would humiliate a blind kid by making him walk around with a pool noodle? This school, apparently.

Special Birthday

Say Hello To All Of The Babies That Were Born At 10:11 On 12/13/14

By | 6 Comments

These babies were all born at the same time, but that's not the only special fact at play. Turns out their time of birth was quite unique.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

The World’s Luckiest Kid Is Now Swinging From This Life-Sized Groot Swing

By | 5 Comments

'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn shared this photo of an awesome life-sized Groot swing.

#Viral Videos

Toddler Gets Emotional While Watching Her Favorite Movie, Sets New Record For Adorable

By | 12 Comments

The emotion of Raegen's favorite movie got the best of her, and her dad was sure to capture the entire adorable scene on video.

#Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Convinces Parents To Tell Their Kids ‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’

By | 31 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to pretend to eat their children's hard-earned Halloween candy.


Here’s A Couple Of Extremely Lucky Kids Touring The WWE Performance Center

By | 16 Comments

Triple H led a guided tour of NXT and the WWE Performance Center for a group of charity auction winners, and it's pretty adorable.


Watch This Little Boy Repeatedly Get Shot Down Trying To Kiss A Little Girl

By | 5 Comments

This kid has probably got an entire lifetime of rejection by women ahead of him.


No One Has Ever Danced As Hard As This Little Boy Did On The Local News

By | 6 Comments

It's the real-life Jimmy, Jr. from "Bob's Burgers," but extra fierce.

#Viral Videos

This Adorable Debate Between Two Toddlers Is The Cutest Weather Report Ever

By | 3 Comments

Watch a pair of adorable toddlers engage in a heated debate about whether it's raining or sprinkling outside.


This Kid Eating The Dashboard Is A Friendly Reminder To Always Wear Your Seat Belt

By | 17 Comments

Always buckle up! Lest you get hurt or, ya know, look pretty dumb.

#Viral Videos

World’s Best Kid Receives Wooden Cutting Board As Prank Gift From Parents, Shocks Them With His Reaction

By | 16 Comments

Watch this young man receive a wooden cutting board as a prank gift from his parents, only to shock them with his reaction.

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