Meet ‘Spot,’ Google And Boston Dynamics’ Newest Nightmare-Fueling Robot

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If you thought Boston Dynamics' BigDog robot was peak nightmare fuel, say hello to "Spot", their new collaboration with Google.


This Terrifying Robot Just Wants To Dance, Presumably On Our Graves

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Artist Jordan Wolfson and Spectral Motion decided it would be a good idea to make a creepy robot that stares at people and dances. I don't get it either.


This Creepy Animatronic Baby Almost Starred In ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’

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If you thought the CGI baby in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' was nightmare fuel, wait till you see this animatronic baby they almost used.


NOPE: Yellow Jacket Nest ‘From The Dinosaur Ages’ Discovered In Florida

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An entomologist in Florida was recently called upon to handle a yellow jacket wasp nest that was six-feet tall and contained as many as one million insects.


Kill It With Fire: A Virginia Man Set The World Record For Catching A ‘Frankenfish’

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Excuse me while I freak the F out and curl up in a ball and wet myself, but a man in Spotsylvania County, Virginia believes that he broke a world record last week for catching a three-foot northern snakehead fish.

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Limp Bizkit Is Back With A New D*ck-Swinging Song About Saving Rock ‘N’ Roll

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Listen to the first single, "Ready to Go," from Limp Bizkit's comeback album, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, featuring a comatose Lil Wayne.


The 'Big Dog Robot' throws cinder blocks now because Terminator is real

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I know I already referenced this video in my links post this morning, and GammaSquad covered it on Friday, but this new BigDog video from Boston Dynamics simply demanded its own post, if only for nostalgia's sake.

why god why?

Thanks For Nothing, Science: The Terrifying BigDog Robot Can Now Hurl Cinder Blocks

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Remember the terrifying BigDog robot? Now it has an extra arm to pick up cinder blocks and throw them across the room. Oh, goody.


Kill It With Fire: The Brazilian Treehopper Is The Scary Insect Of The Day

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Another insect has crawled its way under our doors and silently, menacingly requested entry into our "Kill It With Fire" scary insects club.

the eleventh victim

1st clip from Nancy Grace & Metta World Peace's Lifetime Movie

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In case you missed it, Nancy Grace wrote a book a while back (The Eleventh Victim), which became a Lifetime movie, which now stars Jennie Garth and Metta World Peace, who was on Dancing with the Stars with Grace back when he was still named Ron Artest.


Kill It With Fire: New, Terrifying Species Of Miniature Dinosaur Identified

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A new species of dinosaur was discovered by Paul C. Sereno of the University of Chicago. Here's why it's a terrifying little nightmare creature.


Harvard Gives Robots Tentacles, The Rest Of Us Nightmares


NOTE: Any jokes about Japan and tentacles are stale. Besides, you don't need weird Japanese subcultures to be freaked out by this.

kill it with fire

Skinless Robot Babies Are Here to Freak You Out, Maaan


So, do you remember waking up this morning and promising yourself that you were going to conquer that fear of creepy animatronic babies.


Update On New York City’s Rodents Of Unusual Size


We have an update to those rumors about the presence of Rodents of Unusual Size in New York City.


Well, This Is Necessary


Did you read our post earlier about the creepy telepresence spermbot and think, "If only it were small enough to hold in my hand and/or orifices and also I'm not completely insane".


‘Babyloid’ Robot For Elderly Is Creepy, Unnerving, Adorable


The elderly have a hard enough time, as is, trying to keep their dignity in this world, so I have no idea why Japan's Kanou Masayoshi would try to make things any more confusing for them than it already unfortunately is.

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