That Robot Seal Can Ball


Five roboticists at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan have trained an actuated arm to play basketball.

why god why?

Kill It With Fire

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Three researchers at Osaka University (Hisashi Ishihara, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, and Minoru Asada) built this nightmare fuel called "Affeto", which is Japanese for "have fun buying new pants, RoboPanda" [citation needed].


Too Much Nightmare Fuel, Not Enough Tortillas, and Links


BANNER PICTURE: The 100 Best Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear [Buzzfeed] 2010 UPROXX Holiday Guide [Uproxx] What's up for 2012 in politics.


New Japanese Snakebot “Goes Where Humans Can’t”


Spectrum tells us this snake robot "goes where humans can't", which sounds like a threat.

trade shows

What Weird Gadgets Will Be at CEATEC?


Televisions only clear on one side.


Kill It With Fire: Robot Snake Climbs A Tree

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If the swimming robot wasn't terrifying enough for you, there's good news, as Carnegie Mellon University has released a new video of their tree-climbing robot.


Robot Snake To Replace The Whale In My Nightmares

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The Hirose-Fukushima Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has unveiled their newest iteration of an amphibious snake robot called ACM-R5.


Spermbot Wants To Sit In On The Meeting

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Hiroshi Ishiguro (above, right) has found another way to creep the hell out of all of us.

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