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Watch Killer Mike, YG And Pill Lay Their ‘Rap Monument’ Verses

By | 15 Comments

Killer Mike and YG lead the latest additions to "The Rap Monument."


Run The Jewels’ ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Cry’ Music Video Is A NSFW Trip

By | 13 Comments

Run the Jewels are going to be everywhere this month. That's not a bad thing.


Killer Mike Delivers A Passionate Speech In Response To The Ferguson Decision

By | 184 Comments

Run The Jewels member Killer Mike reacts to news from Ferguson, MO.

Sunday Morning Massacres Mixtapes

Killer Mike And Greg Street – Sunday Morning Massacres Mixtape

By | 9 Comments

Greg Street compiles all of Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre tracks into a mixtape.

Run The Jewels 2

‘All Respect Due’: Review Of Run The Jewels’ ‘Run The Jewels 2’

By | 32 Comments

Did the terrifying duo meet or surpass that surprisingly high bar they set off their debut LP?

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Run The Jewels – ‘Blockbuster Night Part 1′ Video

By | 8 Comments

Watch Run The Jewels new video for "Blockbuster Night Part 1."


You Can Download The New Run The Jewels Album For Free Now

By | 3 Comments

Well, looks like we know what we're doing this weekend.


Run The Jewels Will Remix Their New Album With Cat Sounds

By | 2 Comments

The Internet can be pretty great sometimes, like when it funds musicians remixing their albums with nothing but cat sounds.


Run The Jewels – ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Cry’

By | 27 Comments

Hope you brought your headphones to work today.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike Wrote A Powerful Essay About Michael Brown, The Unarmed Teen Shot By Ferguson, Missouri Police

By | 13 Comments

In the wake of the cops shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown, rapper Killer Mike wrote a powerful essay on his Instagram.

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