Michael Clarke Duncan Brings The First Clip From Green Lantern

Last night Michael Clarke Duncan was a guest on Attack of the Show and premiered the first clip from The Green Lantern, showing him as Kilowog training Hal Jordan for the first time.


Green Lantern Adds New Trailer, Posters, And $9 Million

We've got a bunch of new Green Lantern updates here so let's get right to it.

voice casting

WB Thinks the First “Green Lantern” Trailer Sucked?

Personally, I liked the first Green Lantern trailer.


What Do You Get When You Cross Yoda and Charles Bukowski?

Apparently, Sony Imageworks' idea of Kilowog.

Ryan Reynolds

First Look at Real Green Lantern Footage


Finally, some actual footage from Green Lantern, and Kilowog looks awesome.

Ryan Reynolds

First pictures of Kilowog from Green Lantern


I know you comic book types are sensitive about spoilers and direct sunlight, so even though the first picture of Kilowog from Green Lantern has hit the web, I put it after the jump, in case you want to try to avoid it completely until the movie comes out next June.

San Diego Comic Con

First Look At Green Lantern’s Kilowog


The Kilowog pics are after the jump, since some people might consider that a spoiler (I don't).

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