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A Dunk Is Worth Three Points: A Brief Reminder About North Korea’s Bizarre Basketball Rules

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If you score a basket in the last three minutes, it counts as eight points in North Korea. No, we're not lying.


Forget Dennis Rodman, Ric Flair Was The Original North Korean Diplomat

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While details of NBA legend Dennis Rodman’s recent trip to North Korea are mostly unknown and limited to quotes like “Kim Jong Un is just a kid” and “He’s a good guy” and “Please don’t hate me”, it seems that the 5-time NBA Champion still wants to put big ol' media jerks like George Snuffleupagus in their places.


North Korean Athletes Won’t Be Disrespected

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Despite being a nation still celebrating the all-natural and not-at-all-staged <a href="">marriage of Kim Jung-Un to former singer Ri Sol Ju</a>, who clearly loves him for his looks and personality, all was not well yesterday for the people of North Korea.


Meme Watch: Hungry Kim Jong-Un Wants You To Tell Him About This Delicious Meme Cake

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I ran across these last week, but since I didn't have Valentine's Day cards prepared for you guys yet I decided to hold off until today to deliver them.


The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards

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As the icons of journalistic integrity at People magazine have taught us, limiting an annual award to just one person can be a dangerous task.


Thursday Morning Links Are Being Snubbed At The Pro Bowl


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12.29 The Cooler

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"Fast Five" Is The Most Pirated Movie of 2011 <a href="">[Vulture]</a> 5 Rules for Rapping in Public <a href="">[Grantland]</a> Did Michael Jordan Pop The Question.


The Weeping At Kim Jong Il’s Funeral Was Predictably Ridiculous

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The following conversation took place a little after midnight CST last night after a lady friend pinged me on gchat.


Kim Jong Il Was A Hennessy Man

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I'm not sure how you spent your holiday weekend, but know this.


Awesome Tumblr Alert: Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a dead dictator.


Pulgasari, Kim Jong-Il’s monster movie

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When he wasn't busy scoring 3-4 holes in one every time he played golf or coaching North Korea's soccer team via invisible cell phone, Kim Jong-Il was an avid movie fan, whose favorite films were said to be Rambo and Godzilla.

#bill murray

Tuesday Morning Links Are Losing Power


A transformer exploded outside of my house when I was eleven, and it was the scariest thing ever.

the internet reacts

The Internet Reacts To The Death Of Kim Jung Il

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I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the internet today, as I would have thought <a href="">the death of North Korea's cartoonish "Dear Leader"</a> would have inspired an avalanche of comedy, but the offerings, at least the ones I've seen, have been sparse.


RIP, Lil Kim edition of Morning Links

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Here are some North Koreans freaking out about Kim Jong-Il's death.

kim jong il dead

Kim Jong Il Will Forever Be So Very Ronery Looking At The Inside Of A Coffin

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Embedded above is a North Korean news report showing citizens of that country weeping hysterically upon hearing the news of Kim Jong Il's death.


North Korea Soccer Team Forgiven For Poor Play…Just Kidding

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I'm not going to complain about how sorry my life is for like three days after reading this story.

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