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A Dunk Is Worth Three Points: A Brief Reminder About North Korea’s Bizarre Basketball Rules

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If you score a basket in the last three minutes, it counts as eight points in North Korea. No, we're not lying.


Forget Dennis Rodman, Ric Flair Was The Original North Korean Diplomat

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While details of NBA legend Dennis Rodman’s recent trip to North Korea are mostly unknown and limited to quotes like “Kim Jong Un is just a kid” and “He’s a good guy” and “Please don’t hate me”, it seems that the 5-time NBA Champion still wants to put big ol' media jerks like George Snuffleupagus in their places.


North Korean Athletes Won’t Be Disrespected

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Despite being a nation still celebrating the all-natural and not-at-all-staged marriage of Kim Jung-Un to former singer Ri Sol Ju, who clearly loves him for his looks and personality, all was not well yesterday for the people of North Korea.


Meme Watch: Hungry Kim Jong-Un Wants You To Tell Him About This Delicious Meme Cake

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I ran across these last week, but since I didn't have Valentine's Day cards prepared for you guys yet I decided to hold off until today to deliver them.


The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards

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As the icons of journalistic integrity at People magazine have taught us, limiting an annual award to just one person can be a dangerous task.


12.29 The Cooler

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"Fast Five" Is The Most Pirated Movie of 2011 [Vulture] 5 Rules for Rapping in Public [Grantland] Did Michael Jordan Pop The Question.


The Weeping At Kim Jong Il’s Funeral Was Predictably Ridiculous

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The following conversation took place a little after midnight CST last night after a lady friend pinged me on gchat.


Kim Jong Il Was A Hennessy Man

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I'm not sure how you spent your holiday weekend, but know this.


Awesome Tumblr Alert: Kim Jong-Il Dropping The Bass


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a dead dictator.


Pulgasari, Kim Jong-Il’s monster movie

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When he wasn't busy scoring 3-4 holes in one every time he played golf or coaching North Korea's soccer team via invisible cell phone, Kim Jong-Il was an avid movie fan, whose favorite films were said to be Rambo and Godzilla.

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Tuesday Morning Links Are Losing Power


A transformer exploded outside of my house when I was eleven, and it was the scariest thing ever.

the internet reacts

The Internet Reacts To The Death Of Kim Jung Il

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I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the internet today, as I would have thought the death of North Korea's cartoonish "Dear Leader" would have inspired an avalanche of comedy, but the offerings, at least the ones I've seen, have been sparse.


RIP, Lil Kim edition of Morning Links

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Here are some North Koreans freaking out about Kim Jong-Il's death.

kim jong il dead

Kim Jong Il Will Forever Be So Very Ronery Looking At The Inside Of A Coffin

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Embedded above is a North Korean news report showing citizens of that country weeping hysterically upon hearing the news of Kim Jong Il's death.


North Korea Soccer Team Forgiven For Poor Play…Just Kidding

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I'm not going to complain about how sorry my life is for like three days after reading this story.

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