Celebrating A Kardashian Potentially Just Made Anniversaries That Much Worse

If this becomes a thing I will personally hate it vigorously.


SNL Was On Fire Saturday Night

By now you've probably seen the video of Texas governor Rick Perry giving a speech in New Hampshire where he appears to be, um, under the influence of something, right.


Comedian Suing Kim Kardashian Offers Perfect Opportunity To Post More Amazing Kardashian Gifs

I meant to post about this yesterday but completely forgot and thankfully seeing the Funny or Die gif above -- which takes one of the funniest gifs of all time to another level with Kim Kardashian getting swallowed by a Great White shark -- reminded me of it: comedian Rob Delaney, who's risen to prominence by being arguably the funniest person on Twitter, has filed a class action lawsuit against Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest (producer of the dreadful reality show she stars in) and E.

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