Chelsea Handler Posts Her Bare Ass On Instagram Because Something Something Kardashian

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Chelsea Handler is making a point about Instagram or Kim Kardashian's Photoshopped butt or something, who knows.


Here Are The Funniest Memes Inspired By Kim Kardashian’s Bare-Butt Paper Magazine Cover

By | 127 Comments

The Internet responds to Kim Kardashian's butt-baring Paper Magazine cover with hilarious memes.


Naya Rivera Ass-Shamed Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break The Internet’ Photos

By | 64 Comments

Naya Rivera played the "she's a mother" card on Kim Kardashian.


There’s No Way These Photos Of Kim Kardashian Are Based In Reality

By | 71 Comments

There is no way this is the real Kim Kardashian in these photos. This is a pod person or a claymation figure.


What’s On Tonight: Kim Kardashian + ‘2 Broke Girls’ = One Smashed TV

By | 9 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including, somehow, the season four premiere of "2 Broke Girls" with Kim Kardashian.


This Unearthed Footage Of 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was Always An Insufferable Egomaniac

By | 27 Comments

Witnessing what Kim Kardashian was like even as a little girl will make your BLOOD BOIL.

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The Best And Worst Of The ‘More Americans Have (Insert Joke Here) Than Have Died From Ebola’ Meme

By | 17 Comments

Stop us if you've heard this one: Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Ebola walk into a bar, and become the most recycled jokes on Twitter.


All The Bad Things That Happened Because Of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

By | 21 Comments

If Kim Kardashian's sex tape hadn't been "leaked" all those many years ago, the world would be very different.


Leaked Emails Allegedly Reveal Kim Kardashian’s Ridiculous Endorsement Deal Demands

By | 21 Comments

Having Kim Kardashian's name on your product does not come cheap, according to emails allegedly leaked.


Kim Kardashian Completely Forgot To Put A Shirt On For Fashion Week

By | 13 Comments

Kim Kardashian made the ultimate faux pas at Fashion Week Paris!

#Kanye West

James Franco And Seth Rogen Reveal The Story Behind Their ‘Bound 2′ Parody And Kanye West’s Reaction

By | 2 Comments

You've heard pieces of the the full story, but now James Franco and Seth Rogen are giving the full details on their 'Bound 2' parody.

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Kim Kardashian And Vanessa Hudgens Are The Latest Victims Of That Celeb Hacking Ring

By | 27 Comments

Nude photos of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens were leaked on the internet this morning as part of an ongoing celeb hacking ring.


The Football Recruiting Wars Now Include Photoshopped Magazine Covers With Kim Kardashian

By | 3 Comments

Recruiting has gone next level y'all and Wake Forest is leading the way with this photoshopped cover with Kim Kardashian.

ray j

Ray J Wants You To Know You Have God To Thank For America’s Kardashian Problem, Not His Sex Tape

By | 4 Comments

Ray J is throwing God under the bus for unleashing the Kardashians on us all.

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