Kim Kardashian Reveals The Very Artistic And Subtle Cover Of Her Book Of Selfies

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You're never going to believe what the cover of Kim Kardashian's book of selfies looks like. Just kidding, you totally will.

Great Advances In Selfie Technology

The ‘Belfie Stick’ Is Here To Help You Take A Better Picture Of Your Ass

By | 2 Comments

Thousands of Selfie experts came to the conclusion that taking butt selfies is hard. This new product is the result.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen To Kim Kardashian: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

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Charlie Sheen went on a long rant against Kim Kardashian and her "fat and jiggly" ass.

#Game of Thrones

These Funny Pop Culture Snowmen And Snow Sculptures Are Ready To Take On A New Year

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Here are the funny pop culture and geeky snowmen you could build with the copious amounts of snow out there.

#Kanye West

Kanye West Shows Off Balmain’s New-Age Bill Cosby Sweater

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West modeled pieces from Balmain’s Spring and Summer collection for their 2015 ad campaign, including a shirt that looks suspiciously like a beaded Bill Cosby sweater.


Kim Kardashian Decided To Scold Her Mom Via Email For Dressing Like An ‘Omish’ Person

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Kim criticized her mom's wardrobe, saying, "we need chic, tights dresses not this omish sh*t anymore."

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Wants In On Some Of Kim Kardashian’s Mobile Gaming Riches

By | 9 Comments

Tired of 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood'? Wants something a little sadder and more cynical? You're in luck!


Kim Kardashian Is Amused By The Internet’s Reaction To Her Terribly Cropped Selfie

By | 16 Comments

Kim Kardashian has seen the internet's response to her decision to crop her daughter out of a selfie and she has tweeted a response.


Meet The Man Who Painted A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt With His Penis

By | 7 Comments

Remember way back in November when Paper magazine revealed a cover that featured Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her impossibly large ass.


Sorry, Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Aniston Says She Had The ‘Original’ Butt Pic Cover Story.

By | 9 Comments

The 'Friends' actress (and her rump) graced the cover of 'Rolling Stone' back in 1996.


Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Now Helping Kids Prepare For The SAT


Catalyst Prep is using Kim Kardashians butt in multiple-choice math questions in order to teach students Geometry.


ESPN’s Mike Golic Showed The World His Butt And He Should Apologize Right Now

By | 5 Comments

Did you wake up this morning hoping to see Mike Golic's butt? Well you're in luck.


Kim Kardashian Attempts To Break The Radio By Reading An Excerpt From ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

By | 7 Comments

The star of the biggest sex tape of all time reads from one of the biggest selling erotica books of all time.

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