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The Awfulness Of Star Wars Kinect Inspires Harrison Ford Mashup And Gifs

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A couple days ago we posted <a href="">three "are you f--king kidding me?" videos</a> for Kinect Star Wars' dancing mini-game and declared it the early frontrunner for worst/unintentionally best game of the year.

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Let's Celebrate The Release of Kinect Star Wars With More Videos Showing How Awful It Is

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A few weeks back we <a href="" target="_blank">showed you a trailer</a> for Kinect Star Wars which made the game look like just about the worst thing to ever receive George Lucas' Jar Jar-shaped stamp of approval.

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Kinect Star Wars Still Exists and Is Still Completely Terrible

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Hey Jedis, better prepare yourself -- one helluva a stinking huge disturbance in the Force is set to arrive on April 3rd.

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