Microsoft Will No Longer Make Kinect For Windows


Microsoft's Kinect sensor line has just narrowed down to console only as Kinect For Windows products are shut down.


The Future Of Pizza Ordering Is Here Thanks To The Xbox One


The future is now thanks to Xbox One's nifty voice command pizza ordering functionality, but is it convenient enough?


Forensic Scientists Can Use The Kinect To Solve Crimes

The Kinect may not be watching your every move... but forensic scientists can use it to solve a major problem in crime scene reconstruction.

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Xbox One Sales Are Better Without Kinect, Too


The Kinect appears to have been holding the Xbox One back to a surprising degree.


Aaron Paul’s Xbox One Commercial Is Accidentally Turning On People’s Consoles


Aaron Paul is showing off Kinect voice commands in an Xbox One commercial. Surely this will end well.

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Better Without Kinect: The Xbox One Gains 10% More Graphics Power By Ditching The Kinect


Turns out that 'Better With Kinect' wasn't a legally binding claim for the Xbox One.

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The Xbox One Dumps The Kinect


The Xbox One will be available without a Kinect starting June 9th.


Why Did Apple Buy PrimeSense, The Company That Built The Kinect?

Apple has just bought PrimeSense. They made the Kinect. And yes, that's intriguing.

#video games

Grandma Plays Kinect

An 80-year-old plays virtual kick ball and gets into it.

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The Kinect Will Be Mandatory For The Next Xbox


Think you'll be able to get away with a normal controller on the next Xbox? Think again.

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You May Soon Be Able to Buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect for Only $99. But Wait, There's a Catch…


There's a rumor going around that Microsoft will soon be offering an Xbox 360 with Kinect package for only $99.


The Awfulness Of Star Wars Kinect Inspires Harrison Ford Mashup And Gifs


A couple days ago we posted three "are you f--king kidding me?" videos for Kinect Star Wars' dancing mini-game and declared it the early frontrunner for worst/unintentionally best game of the year.

#Star Wars

Let's Celebrate The Release of Kinect Star Wars With More Videos Showing How Awful It Is


A few weeks back we showed you a trailer for Kinect Star Wars which made the game look like just about the worst thing to ever receive George Lucas' Jar Jar-shaped stamp of approval.

#Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars Still Exists and Is Still Completely Terrible


Hey Jedis, better prepare yourself -- one helluva a stinking huge disturbance in the Force is set to arrive on April 3rd.

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Kinectimals, No!

When last we checked in on Rooster Teeth, they were testing (WITH SCIENCE) if a real car could be safely driven in third-person perspective.


Happy Halloween From Shifty-Eyed Vigo the Carpathian (video)

I've never been one to attend work-related open house events.

We Come In Peace

Hey, Remember That Time We Played Breakout On The Side Of A Building?

Like some kind of half baked vision that one of my old stoner roommates would have had, the fine folks over at We Come In Peace decided to get extra creative with a Kinect hack and rigged that sh-t to be usable with a game of Breakout.


JediBot Wants To Sword Fight Humans, Stanford University Approved (Video)


Although Stanford University still hasn't approved my most recent application (this one written in pencil), I refuse to believe that their entire campus is as lazy as the admissions department.

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