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Dana Lynn White Jim Tressel Suspended By The Ohio State University For NCAA Violations [HuffPo] YouTube Takes Another Step Toward Legitimacy With New Acquisition [Mashable] First Picture Of Da Brat Out Of Prison [The Urban Daily] Lindsay Lohan Theft Video Mostly Proves Her Cleavage [...].

Thee Tom Hardy

King Mez x Khyrsis – The King’s Khyrsis

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<a href=""> North Carolina may be one of the best centralized locales for Hip-Hop. Deep enough to encompass the South's idealogy but still able to keep up with the lyrical curve, King Mez and his right-hand soundman Khyrsis join forces with <a href="">DJBooth</a>, <a title="Herfection" href="" target="_blank">Herfection</a>, and <a title="Nahright" href="" target="_blank">Nahright</a> for the proper introduction to King Mez's talents with The King's Khryris.

The King's Khrysis

King Mez – “Nightmare” Video

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<a href=""> When your mind starts to drift in an endless abyss of darkness and unlimited terror, your panic meter probably goes into overdrive. And that's exactly the message King Mez wants you receive with his Khrysis-produced fright-inducer off their A King Khrysis EP dropping rather shortly. Flashing lights are generally associated with happy times in the night club but you may be knocked into a state of shock with this one. Follow <a href="">@KingMez</a> on Twitter and visit <a href=""></a>.

Thee Tom Hardy

Rapsody – Return Of The B-Girl x “Imagination” Video

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<a href=""> Gender be damned, Rapsody is a rapper on a mission to smash all stereotypes and judgments. In her latest offering, Return of the B-Girl, she plays the fitting role of Luke Skywalker to prove she can keep up with the best of them. The tape features many recognizable guest stars including Big Daddy Kane, Skyzoo, Rah Digga, <a href="">Phil Adé</a>, and Mac Miller, with 9th Wonder handling the great majority of the behind-the-scenes to guide young Jedi along the journey.

We Got Now

King Mez – “Nightmare”

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<a href=""> Backed by <a href="">Khryris</a> on the keyboards, <a href="">King Mez</a> wants to give all his foes sweaty sheets and clammy skin after stepping into the mic circuit with him.

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