That Boy Ain’t Right, But We Love Him Anyway: 9 Unforgettable Bobby Hill Moments

By | 23 Comments

Bobby was the the perfect counterpoint to stodgy, conservative Hank, and we loved him.


Queen Of The Hill: Everywhere You’ve Seen And Heard Pamela Adlon

By | 19 Comments

From "Grease 2" to "Louie" and everything in-between for Pamela Adlon.


20 Obscure ‘King Of The Hill’ Facts All Diehard Fans Should Know

By | 60 Comments

Test your King of the Hill knowledge with these twenty obscure facts about the show.


It’s Business Time: Bret McKenzie Is Making An Animated Series About NASA


Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords -- sorry, we meant Oscar winner Bret McKenzie -- is developing an animated comedy series set in a NASA space center.


That ‘Mon Ain’t Right: Somebody Made A Pokemon-King Of The Hill Crossover


I wouldn't have pegged Hank Hill as a Butterfree trainer...


What If Link From 'Legend Of Zelda' Were In Some Of Our Favorite TV Shows?

By | 8 Comments

TanBurn posted a set of drawings called "If Link Was In..." which redraws Link from 'Legend of Zelda' as if he were a character in several popular TV shows.

style guide

The ‘King Of The Hill’ Animation Style Guide Shows The Correct Way To Draw Sexy Peggy Hill

By | 19 Comments

Curious how "King of the Hill" animators learned to draw all of the show's characters? Here's they're style guide, including Sexy Peggy Hill.


Underage Teenager Buys Alcohol Using Fake ID Showing A Picture Of Bobby Hill

By | 6 Comments

An underage teenager in the U.K. used a fake ID with a picture of Bobby Hill on it to buy alcohol from six different stores.


The Crackpot’s Guide To How Every TV Show Ever Has Been Infiltrated By The Illuminati

By | 25 Comments

Are you crazy? Then you'll love our guide to how every TV show ever, including "Mad Men," has been infiltrated by the Illuminati


TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of Bobby Hill)

By | 14 Comments

The best TV GIFs of the Week, including the Olympics and "Breaking Bad," as well as a collection of Bobby Hill GIFs.


Sports On TV: King Of The Hill’s 25 Greatest Sports Moments

By | 81 Comments

Previous 'Sports On TV' columns (for 'Saved By The Bell' and 'Full House') have been fun to write but a pain to suffer through for research, because seriously, have you tried watching an 8th season episode of 'Full House' in 2012.

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming

By | 23 Comments

 Miley Cyrus, Katherine Heigl, and Brooke Hogan.


Chael Sonnen Reads Off List Of Insults Before Losing To Anderson Silva Again

By | 6 Comments

A rematch between Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen has been formally set and scheduled for June 23 at 50,000ish-seat Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


The World’s Fastest Christian, Breakdancing To The Godzilla Soundtrack

By | 3 Comments

I thought he was just a cereal box model, but apparently Jeff Gordon is a champion race car driver and B-Boy.


Texas Football: If The Heat Doesn't Kill You, The Stabbings Will

By | 9 Comments

It looks like I'm going to have to turn "Texas football guys dying" into a daily feature.


Know Your Voice Actors: Ten Faces to Go With the Voices You Know

By | 62 Comments

Here at Warming Glow, I've made a habit of praising the brilliant voice work in "Archer," particularly the dry, deadpan delivery of H.

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