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T.I. Feat. Chris Brown – “Get Back Up”

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<a href=""> “Yeah, I admit, I’ve done some dumb shit/disappointed everybody, I know/try not to hold that against me though.” It’s cliché to start the second T.I. <a href="">post</a> in a month with a hilariously understated verse, but clichés be damned if this track isn’t dripping in irony.


T.I. Feat. Rick Ross – “Pledge Allegiance To The Swag”

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<a href=""> You kids want <a href="">Swag OD</a>.


T.I. Feat. Keri Hilson – “Got Your Back” Video

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<a href=""> Let's all just take these three minutes to eyef#ck <a href="">Keri</a> while we wait on post-prison T.


T.I. – “Ya Hear Me”

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<a href=""> As that August 17th date approaches, <a href="">Big Cliff</a> plays the Verizon man on the latest soundbyte from <a href="">King Uncaged</a>.


T.I. – “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” Video

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<a href=""> Two birds, one microphone. That's how <a href="">Tip</a> is running thangs fresh out of the bing.


T.I. Feat. Keri Hilson – “Got Your Back”

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<a href=""> Welp. <a href="">I called it</a>.


T.I. – “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)”

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<a href=""> While it hasn't happened yet (and best believe it well), Tip has yet to make a candy-coated push for the radio. The prime beneficiaries are you, the underground head, Hip-Hop purist who even knows this post exist. This is the gutter side of his artistic talents. The side superstars usually abandon once they get famous enough. All that pent-up aggression and energy from Fed time forces <a href="">T.I.</a> to do the opposite, however.


T.I. – “I’m Back” Video

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<a href=""> The chains and shackles are unlocked and what we have hear is an untamed beast, ladies and gentlemen. Just like he never left, <a href="">Tip</a> gets in his bag of goods and puts in work.

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