"Amalur 2" Dead Because of Rhode Island, According to Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling, who you might remember as the extremely rich baseball player who stiffed his employees on their last paycheck before firing them, has decided to talk about the real victim in 38 Studios melting down.

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38 Studios Stiffs Employees In Favor Of Giving Rhode Island A Rubber Check


I live in Boston, and Curt Schilling had a brief moment there where he was like unto a God for finally breaking the Curse and redeeming the faith of Red Sox Nation.


“Kingdoms of Amalur”: The Review

Normally, if a game has a bad story, it's a serious problem.

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“Kingdoms of Amalur”: Initial Impressions


On the surface, this was either going to be an awesome game or one stuck in the '90s.

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