Progression IV

Kirko Bangz – Progression IV Mixtape

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Mighty Texan keeps proving that he has staying power.

Z Ro

Kirko Bangz Ft. Z-Ro, Slim Thug & Paul Wall – “Cup Up Top Down”

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Lately, all of Kirko Bangz's material has left me wishing that I was listening to "Drank In My Cup.


Vado Ft. Fabolous + Kirko Bangz – “Straight For The Summer”

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"Straight For The Summer" is a phrase often seen under Instagram pics of girls showcasing their newly refined abs or dudes flossing their latest shoes, those for their feet or the ones on their whips.


Boston George Ft. Meek Mill & Kirko Bangz – “Molly (Remix”) Video

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With molly becoming rap's drug of choice, any songs leaning on the public's fascination with it have to hold qualities to make them stand out.


Master P Feat. Kirko Bangz – “Friends With Benefits”

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Remember just last week when we had that discussion about <a href="">age as it relates to rap</a> and content.


Meek Mill Feat. Kirko Bangz – “Young & Gettin’ It”

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"Young n*gga I get money and f*ck hoes in my spare time, She don't f*ck on the first night, then she don't meet my deadline.


Tyga – Well Done 3 Mixtape

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Here's the new Tyga mixtape, Well Done 3.

Z Ro

Trae Tha Truth Ft. Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Kirko Bangz, Paul Wall & Bun B – “I’m From Texas” Video

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If Trae Tha Truth were a superhero his moniker would definitely be "The Lone Star Unifier.


Kirko Bangz Feat. Tyga – “Nasty N*gga”

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Fans of Too Short or Devin The Dude should be pleased to hear this new XXX banger from Kirko Bangz & T-Raw.


Freddie Gibbs Feat. Kirko Bangz – “Bout It, Bout It”

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Since his early days, Gibbs has shown <a href="">an appreciation for Master P</a> but a remake "Bout It, Bout It" is not.

Z Ro

Trae Tha Truth Feat. Z-Ro, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz & Bun B – “Bitch I’m From Texas”

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Trae Tha Truth travels across the Lone Star state to recruit a mean team for the track "Bitch I'm From Texas.

Procrastination Killz Pt. 4

Kirko Bangz Feat. French Montana – “Walk On Green”


Kirko Bangz may never be confused with Confucius, Socrates or any of history's deep thinkers.


Kirko Bangz Feat. 2 Chainz & Juelz Santana – “Drank In My Cup (Remix)” Video

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<a href="" target="_blank">Kirko Bangz's</a> "Drank In My Cup" has all the makings of a gift that keeps on giving.

The Light Of The Sun

Loosies: Chuuwee’s Glorious Revolution, Rockie Fresh Flies To The Future, Jill Scott Is Blessed, Slim Thug & Kirko Cruise


After <a href="">Chuuwee's</a> <a href="">last visual</a> found Amalgam Digital's up & comer simply sitting in a windowsill getting lifted, we're pleased to see a clever concept was put behind the latest leak from Crown Me King, "Glorious Revolution.


Shots For Everybody: 2 Chainz & J. Cole Remix Kirko Bangz’s “Drank In My Cup”

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I'm not even the type of guy to say "I told you so," but Kirko Bangz's "Drank In My Cup" spawned into a hit record exactly <a href="" target="_blank">how yours truly predicted</a> nearly eight months ago.

The Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa

Kirko Bangz, Maliah Michel & “That Pole” In Dreams Gentlemen’s Club

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Any rapper featuring <a href="">Maliah Michel</a>* in their video is a service to the community.

We Got Now

Kirko Bangz – The Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa Mixtape

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While you'll never confuse <a href="">Kirko Bangz</a> with his lyrically anointed rap peers of other various regions, the Houston dynamo already has one up on them in the art of hitmaking and he's looking to drive home that point with The Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa mixtape.

#Iggy Azalea

Loosies: FKi & Iggy Azalea Get Lucky, Kirko Bangz Is Screwed & ¡MAYDAY! Returns For War

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While they already party harder than the '86 Beastie Boys, the <a href="">FKi</a> clan have linked up with Diplo and you already know the citations have already been filled out by the Atlanta police department for disorderly conduct.

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