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A Few Rock Legends Joined The Foo Fighters To Throw A Surprise Concert For Dave Grohl’s 46th Birthday

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Dave Grohl's epic 47th birthday benefit concert featured surprise performances by David Lee Roth, Slash, Tenacious D and Alice Cooper.


You Probably Want To Listen To The Iron Sheik Reviewing Metal Bands

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Metal Injection spoke to The Iron Sheik about his favorite metal bands, and yes, it turned into a shoot on Hulk Hogan.


Gene Simmons Opens His Mouth Again To Give Women Some Tone-Deaf Career Advice

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KISS frontman Gene Simmons was on Fox News, and he gave some interesting career advice to women.

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Gene Simmons Says Rock Is Dead And Music Piracy Is The Culprit

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In an interview with his son, Gene Simmons takes aim at Internet piracy once again.


Gene Simmons Was A Massive Tool To Eric Stonestreet’s Mom

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Gene Simmons and Eric Stonestreet need to kiss and make up.


Watch KISS Pull A Football Out Of A Lady's Vagina To Promote The LA KISS


The LA KISS is almost here, and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are promoting the team by ... pulling a football out of a woman's vagina? I have no idea.

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Ace Frehley Kind Of Opened Up About KISS Not Playing The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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While sort of addressing KISS not playing the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Ace Frehley took a shot a the band's current lineup.

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Gene Simmons Has A Bunch Of Problems With The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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Have a minute? KISS rocker Gene Simmons would love to tell you how pissed off at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he is.


The LA KISS Arena Football Jerseys Are Here And They're A Fiery Mess

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The LA KISS Arena Football team unveiled their uniforms and they're as tacky as you'd expect from one of the tackiest bands in history.

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KISS Cancels Rock Hall Performance Because They Can’t Agree On A Lineup

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Kiss won't play the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, because they're a bunch of babies.


Here’s A Lion Wearing KISS Makeup And KISS Holding Hockey Jerseys, Because, Uh

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The guys from KISS held hockey jerseys while the LA Kings mascot wore KISS makeup, because Los Angeles synergy is important.

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What Music Icons Would Look Like Wearing Shirts For The Bands They Influenced

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If time isn't linear, why can't KISS have been influenced by Miley Cyrus?


Here’s A Photo Of Leslie Mann’s Giant Tongue Hanging Out With Gene Simmons

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We have a lot of questions about this photo of Leslie Mann with KISS' Gene Simmons.


Here’s The ‘Historically Inaccurate’ Tale Of How KISS Wrote ‘Beth’

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Enjoy this video explaining how the members of KISS got the idea for "Beth."


Beyond The Masks: 10 Famous Bands Without Their Costumes On

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A collection of images of bands with and without their famous on-stage costumes and masks.

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Portlandia On The East Coast: The 9th Annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest


When I read that the 9th Annual Valentine’s Day Canine Kissing Contest and Cocktail Party took place last week in Portland, I immediately pictured Fred Armisen dressed as a hideous female as a pink dog with giant ear spacers slobbered his face.

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