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Hello, Internet. Here Is ‘Game Of Thrones’ … With Kittens!


The Pet Collective made an all-kitten version of the "Game of Thrones" opening credits. Kitten Khaleesi is an absolute vision.


Kittens vs. Doorstoppers Compilation

The best clips demonstrating the eternal struggle between kittens and doorstoppers, all in one video.


Uber Will Deliver Cuddly Kittens To Your Door Today


Yes, Uber is delivering kittens. Here's how to get them.


Valiant Kitten Saves Man’s Arm From Certain Doom

A man casually slides his arm out a window, only to have it bravely nudged back to safety by an adorable kitten.


Ninja Cat Deftly Avoids Kitten Attack

Just when a naive kitten thinks he has his older friend cornered, the wiser cat deftly executes a slick parkour-style escape.


Scaredy Cats Compilation

The best clips of skittish cats getting startled out of their minds, all in one video.


Cat Steals Kitten From Baby

This Russian child is reluctant to give up her favorite kitten, even to its own mother.


Good Morning, Here’s a Kitten On A Treadmill

Yesterday's edition of Watch This featured a cat percussionist, so we're following it up with a personal favorite of ours, cats on treadmills.


Kitten vs. Bearded Dragon

Always bet on the one with the beard.


Kitten vs. Ceiling Fan

Riley the kitten discovers the ceiling fan and attempts an ill-fated sneak attack.


Flying Kitten Surprise Attack

A kitten comes out of nowhere to ambush his friend, who's clearly caught of guard.


Kitten Sounds Like a Goat

Pickles the cat sounds exactly like a goat.


A Kitten Sees An Optical Illusion, Has Its Adorable Little Mind Blown

Rasmus Baath just made our morning by showing his kitten an optical illusion and posting a video of the ginger moggy's confused reaction.


Goat vs. Kitten

A pygmy goat crosses paths with a fearless kitty.


Kitten vs. Apples

The most adorably suspenseful footage ever recorded of a can doing battle with apples.


Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Loki the kitten meets Harley the hedgehog.

#Star Wars

Jedi Kitten

The Force is strong with this one.


Kitten Squeezes Into Hamster Ball

A curious kitty takes a hamster ball for a spin.


Sports On TV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments


This week on Sports On TV, we tackle the horror/comedy/drama/everything else of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer,' the 1997-2003 hit that catapulted Avengers director Joss Whedon into public consciousness, gave Sarah Michelle Gellar seven more years of television success and adapted a semi-forgotten Kristy Swanson movie into a layered, sometimes absurd and always worth-talking-about cult classic.


Alison Brie Holding A Kitten IS The Internet


When two Internet things become one, we have Alison Brie cuddling with a cat.

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