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Kitten vs. Jar


The age old battle between cats and cylindrical glass containers rages on.


Tel Aviv’s Adorable Sand Kittens


Workers at Tel Aviv's Ramat Gan Safari Park were overjoyed after the arrival of four incredibly rare sand kittens.


Michael Jordan Not Impressed by Kitten Shirt


Hanes isn't afraid to compare the softness of its products to wearing kittens in this new ad for ComfortBlend t-shirts.


Get Ready For Viral Videos About Kittens, Courtesy Of Shaq


Do you like viral videos, especially ones about baby kittens named 'Little Noodles' palling around with guinea pigs.


Therapeutic Pug Massage And Morning Links

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A nice counterpoint to the heavy stuff I wrote about yesterday.


Friday Face-Off: Kitten Agility Training Vs. A Very Hungry Bunny

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Welcome to Friday Face-Off, our weekly random video competition that pits two of the Internet’s most wildly popular videos against each other for the sake of determining which is the world’s most popular video of this week.

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Kitten Covers Had Me At Ol’ Dirty Bastard


Much like <a href="" target="_blank">when I begrudgingly wrote about Bad Advice Cat</a> because I couldn't deny the lulz, my initial reaction to <a href="" target="_blank">Kitten Covers</a> was to dismiss the concept entirely because -- in my opinion -- cats just make things too easy on the internet.


Peg Leg Kitty, That’s No Moon, and Links


Hey, <a href="">Seamus</a> from Family Guy has a cat.


Stop Everything: Jedi Kittens Strike Back

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Our new best friend forever <a href="">Zach King</a> has made a sequel to Jedi Kittens (first video below) which poses the important question: are your kittens having lightsaber battles when you aren't looking.


Heil Kitler!


It's Friday, you guys.


Soldiers With Kittens, Memorial Day Links


A Gallery of Soldiers with Kittens [EgoTV] 30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection [WithLeather] Rape Van Driver Discovered To Be Master Of Incredible 70s Photography [Filmdrunk] 13 years later, we still miss you, Phil Hartman [WarmingGlow] The Best Of 2011 [...].

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Know Your Laws: Five Laws That Run The Internet

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There are the laws of the Internet we're all familiar with: Rule 34, and its accompanying Rule 35, Godwin's Law, the <a href="">GIFT</a>.


Adorable Kittens Cause Massive Property Damage, Bodily Injury

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Kittens are in the news today, mostly because their adorableness is making them agents of chaos.

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