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Man At Arms’ Best Nerd Inspired Blades Will Poke You In A Happy Place

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The Man At Arms guys make your favorite movie/video game/cartoon pointy things deadly realities...

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Qapla’! Government Website Offers Klingon Translation.

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The official .gov website for the Illinois Department of Employment Security offers a Klingon translation of the site's 280+ pages.

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Guess Who Put The Kibosh On A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Starring Worf

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Michael Dorn says a 'Star Trek' TV series was in the works which would focus on Worf, his Klingon character from TNG and DS9.

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'Star Trek Into Darkness' Drops A First Look At A Klingon And More Of Alice Eve's Underwear

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Four new clips from 'Star Trek Into Darkness' show a Klingon, Alice Eve in her bra and panties again, and some Scotty comic relief.


Florida Friday: Man Arrested For Waving Klingon Sword In Street

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Welcome back, Drunkards and Drunkettes, to another installment of Florida Friday, where we fill you in on one of the nuttiest and therefore most typical stories of the week out of the Sunshine State.


Klingon Style, Abraham Lincoln Ghostbusting, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Star Wars' Gangnam Style, dramatic Spongebob, heartwarming 'The Shining', and 'Back to the Future' with Skrillex.

#Star Trek

Klingon Style


PSY's Gangnam Style gets a Star Trek: The Next Generation parody.

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A Song From 'Rent' Sung In Klingon By Rachel Bloom (And Other Mashups)


Featured mashup videos of the week, including "Seasons of Love" performed in Klingon by Rachel Bloom, Toy Story Expendables, Game of Bones, and Chuck Norris versus Mario and Pac-Man.

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Q'apla! There Will Be Klingons in Star Trek 2

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Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci co-wrote the upcoming Star Trek 2.

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Dor Sho Gha! Worf Just Can't Catch A Break.

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On Star Trek: The Next Generation, nobody ever listened to Worf, their Chief of Security.

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Behold: German Klingon Rapper Exists, We Shall Call Him Klenginem

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Well, this article should be a learning experience for all: if there happens to be one language that I'm even worse at than German, it's the Star Trek based vocabulary of Klingon.

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Fact: Taylor Lautner’s Abs Make Everything Better

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When I was 18-years-old I had the entire world by the short and curlies.

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This is a just-released deleted scene from Star Trek.

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A man in Colorado Springs recently knocked over a couple of 7-11s while brandishing a Klingon Bat'leth.

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