Your 2013 Guide To The Crappy Games You’ll Be Getting From Old People This Holiday Season

By | 25 Comments

Did you make sure to carefully list all the games you wanted for Christmas? If not, these crappy games may be sitting under the tree already...

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The PS4 Launch Games, Ranked

By | 11 Comments

The PS4 had a whole bunch of games at launch... but how'd they do with critics?

#video games

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy The PS4

By | 71 Comments

The PS4 comes out this Friday, but maybe you should hold onto your $400...

#video games

5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (Nov. 10th – 16th)

By | 4 Comments

A big week for games as the Playstation 4 finally arrives...

#video games

Sony Unveils The Playstation 4 In An Endurance Testing Press Conference

By | 53 Comments

Playstation 4 is coming this year and bringing new Killzone, InFAMOUS, and more with it...

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