Soul Khan

Brown Bag AllStars – “Get Ready”


Say what you say but even though I've lost track of the days, <a href="">Brown Bag Season</a> has been consistently well worth listening & attention.

Soul Khan

BrownBag AllStars – “Live From The Nine”

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The AllStars link up with <a href="">DJ Skizz</a>, from the legendary NYC Radio Show: The Halftime Show, for a throwback track.

Soul Khan

Brown Bag AllStars – “Got It All”

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When these cats actually miss putting out a dope song for their Brown Bag Season, I'll assume hell will have frozen over.

Soul Khan

Brown Bag AllStars – “Dumbin’ Out”

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My enthusiasm may not come across in mere words but these kids are killin' it.

Soul Khan

Brown Bag All-Stars – “All I Do”

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Having no concrete idea of who the <a href="">Brown Bag All-Stars</a> (Audible Doctor, J57, KONCEPT, Soul Khan, DJ GOO Punch, E Holla, Deejay Element) aside from the fact that they're doing daily installments called "Brown Bag Season" and they keep sending over <a href="">polished nuggets</a>.

Soul Khan

Soul Khan Feat. KONCEPT, Homeboy Sandman, & 8thW1 “Knuckle Puck”

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Soul Khan x KONCEPT (of the <a href="">Brown Bag AllStars</a>) x Homeboy Sandman & 8thW1 (of the <a href="">AOK Collective</a>).

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