Necessary ‘Seinfeld’ Supercut: Over Three Minutes Of Kramer Stealing Jerry’s Food

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A supercut of Kramer stealing Jerry's food on "Seinfeld." It's beautiful.


A Brief History Of Kramer’s Best Business Ideas On ‘Seinfeld’

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Cosmo Kramer was many things over the course of Seinfeld, but above all, he was an idea man.


An Anti-Tribute To Cosmo Kramer, The Worst Neighbor And Friend In TV History

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For Michael Richards's 65th birthday, we examine just how terrible of a friend and neighbor Cosmo Kramer was to Jerry Seinfeld.


About The Controversial ‘Seinfeld’ Episode That Never Aired, Which Featured Kramer’s Original First Name

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In a early-season episode of 'Seinfeld' that was scrapped because it was too provocative, Larry Charles had actually given Kramer a different first name.


A Breakdown Of ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ Pilot 25 Years After Its Premiere On NBC

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The original pilot for 'Seinfeld' debuted on July 5, 1989 to very little praise because it just wasn't good. But how well does it age?


Kramer’s Levels


A collection of clips of Kramer dancing on Seinfeld, set to 'Levels' by Avicii.


Moar Kramer Vs. Skrillex Videos Plz

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Electronic music isn't exactly in my wheelhouse, so the only thing I knew about Skrillex prior to these mashups is that he bares a striking resemblance to DJ from Roseanne.

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