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Kris Humphries Doesn't Make Much Sense

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The NBA trade deadline has passed (kind of) with no blockbusters as sort of expected, depending on which side of the Dwight Howard fence you were sitting.


Kris Humphries Will Represent Himself In Divorce Hearings

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As the 2011-12 NBA season has now lasted longer than his marriage to Kim Kardashian, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries will soon head to court to convince a judge to grant an annulment instead of proceeding with an actual divorce.


The Night The Lights Went Out In Indiana

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IT'S SABU, SABU HAS RETURNED TO THE BANKERS LIFE FIELDHOUSE* Sadly when the lights come on there's nobody there with a chair to toss at Kris Humphries' face and jump kick it, but the power randomly going out during the second quarter of Thursday night's game between the Indiana Pacers and New Jersey Nets was still pretty funny.

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A Lot Of People Still Hate Michael Vick

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I once thought that a great idea for a magazine would be Haters – “The publication devoted to people who hate sh*t.


The Most Shocking News Of 2012

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For the past few months, Kim Kardashian and her family of reality TV gypsies have tried their hardest to play the PR game in the wake of her divorce from New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.


Snoop Dogg Is A National Treasure

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Okay, so I have never heard of any program, internet-based or otherwise, called "Nemo's Advice," so I have absolutely no idea where this clip originated, but any video of a joint-smoking Snoop Dogg offering the following advice to Kris Humphries about Kim Kardashian is, in my mind, the perfect way to end the week: "You shouldn’t have tried to wife the bitch, man — she’s not that type of a ho.


ROFLMNBAO: This Week’s NBA Action In Pictures

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Now that we know that Kim Kardashian <a href="">decided to divorce Kris Humphries</a> because her dead father, being channeled by medium John Edwards, told her to, Humphries is readjusting to his role as a true playboy in this NBA lifestyle.


ROFLMNBAO: The Best Of This Week’s NBA Action In Pictures

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Last Friday, the not-surprisingly-terrible New Jersey Nets earned their second win of the season with a 97-85 tickle fight against the slightly-less-terrible Toronto Raptors.


People Don’t Seem To Understand Why Fans Are Booing Kris Humphries

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The New Jersey Nets were downright humiliated in their home opener last night, a 106-70 curb stomping at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks.


You Knew This Was Coming, Kris Humphries

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The other day, I pointed out that there was a good possibility that Kris Humphries is just a big, dumb oaf who didn’t quite understand what he got himself into when he “married” Kim Kardashian a few months ago.


TMZ Won’t Let Kris Humphries Re-Enter The Workforce


So Kris Humphries signed a one-year contract worth a reported $8 million to play for the New Jersey Nets this season.


So What Did Kris Humphries And Kim Kardashian Do With Their Wedding Gifts?

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Maybe the coolest thing that I saw on TV this year took place last week when Barbara Walters interviewed her Most Fascinating People of 2011 (that were most likely picked by the ABC network) and she told the Kardashians to their faces: “You don’t really act.


Kris Humphries Wants An Annulment

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According to <a href="">documents obtained by TMZ</a>, Kris Humphries has responded to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition by seeking an annulment.


Kim Kardashian Is Fat, Kris Humphries Is Gay, Free World Destroyed By Bombshells

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<a href=""></a>Before we start, a bit of advice: don't google "star kris is gay" looking for a photo of this magazine cover without your SafeSearch on.


Great News For People Who Want Big Butts

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  If you’re worried that the special lady in your life has been packing on a few extra pounds this holiday season, you’re in luck.


Kris Humphries Is The Biggest Jerk Ever

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The other day I was at Publix, purchasing my daily requirements of condoms and bacon when I saw the latest tabloid rags bagging on the Kardashian Klan for what we all knew was the fakest marriage since Liza Minelli and David Guest.


Saturday Night Live Nailed Kris Humphries

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I don't want to dip too much into <a href="">our uncle Matt's territory</a>, but there was no way I wasn't going to acknowledge the way "Saturday Night Live" absolutely destroyed the Kardashian family and especially Kris Humphries the other night.

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