There’s A Celtics Voting Board To Decide The Winner In A Kris Humphries Rajon Rondo Fight

Ever since Kris Humphries joined the Celtics as part of the blockbuster trade sending Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn, we've been wondering about the perceived beef between Rajon Rondo and Humphries after last fall.

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Kris Humphries Selling Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

After enduring the 72-day marriage between Boston Celtics power forward Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, the divorce lasted a lot longer than the whirlwind romance and wedding ceremony catalogued extensively by E.


The 10 Most Hated Players In The NBA Right Now


There are many reasons to have hatred or dislike towards a specific player in the NBA.


The Top 60 Big Men In Fantasy Basketball

While the whole country is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel it's never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation.


Your Fantasy Basketball Guide To The NBA Offseason

It felt like free agency started on draft night, thanks to the blockbuster deal between the Celtics and Nets.


We Reminisce: New Celtics Teammates Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries Brawl

So, hey Rajon Rondo, not only are you the only remaining player on Celtics Island, but you also get to lose a TON of games with one of your best buddies.


Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce And Jason Terry Traded To Brooklyn Nets For Multiple Players, Future Picks


Credit Danny Ainge and Billy King for overshadowing a Draft Night full of weird suits with a huge player swap.


Nate Robinson Embarrasses Kris Humphries With a Killer Crossover

With Marco Belinelli playing out of his mind, and the rest of the Bulls desperate for a win, the Nets leaned on an unlikely source late to take Game 6 and tie the series up, 95-92.


Fantasy Basketball: The 2012-13 All NBA Disappointment Team

Just because the season is over doesn't mean Dime won't be bringing you any fantasy content.


Kris Humphries Just Wants An Apology

It looks like the incredibly drawn out and ridiculously expensive divorce hearing between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian is finally coming to an end.


Kris Humphries Couldn’t Skip Practice For His Divorce, But He Will Miss The Playoffs

Wednesday night’s blowout victory over the Dallas Mavericks marked the eighth-consecutive game that Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries has watched from the bench.


Not Shocking At All: Kim Kardashian's Marriage To Kris Humphries Was Pretty Fake


It’s been a pretty crappy year for Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries, between being benched and the fact that he’s currently working toward the world record for longest divorce in history.


The NBA’s All-Alex Smith Team, Led By Danny Granger

The case of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is peculiar, one where a former No.


NBA Trade Rumors Roundup: The Top 5 Stories Before The Deadline

With the NBA's trade deadline less than 24 hours away from arriving, trade rumors are rampant around the league.


Kris Humphries’ Divorce Could Ruin The Brooklyn Nets’ Playoff Hopes


If the NBA Playoffs started today, there would probably be a bunch of pissed off season ticket holders who would be like, “Yo, WTF, there are still 30 games left.

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Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s Best Pickups 2.18


Hoops demands that we break down its players not just by stats but by the time and place they occur.

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