‘Harley Quinn,’ ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Darth Vader,’ And Other Comics of Note, February 11

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Harley Quinn takes Batman out on a date in her Valentine's Day special. A review, and a look at the rest of this week's other notable comics.


Quarrel Misses A Step In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Astro City’ #20


Quarrel faces getting older and losing a step in our exclusive preview.


‘Prometheus,’ ‘Batgirl,’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 10th

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We look at the notable comics on the stands for December 10th.


‘Daredevil,’ ‘Predator,’ ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ And Other Comics Of Note, November 19th

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'Bob's Burgers' is back in comics, in our look at this week's notable comic books.


Fans Flip-Flop On ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Cover After The Guy Behind The Controversy Is Outed As A Douche

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The recent Powerpuff Girls comic book controversy is an abject lesson in not always listening to the loudest, most obnoxiously squeaky wheel...


Writer Kurt Busiek And Artist Brent Anderson On The Return Of ‘Astro City’

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The beloved 'Astro City' is coming back next month, and we sit down with Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson to get into the book and how it came together.


Astro City Headed To Theaters… Also Back To Comics


The recent cancellation of DC's Wildstorm imprint left Astro City fans questioning when Kurt Busiek's super-city would be re-appearing in print, and if so, then where would it be.


Astro City Film Rights Bought


Working Title Films have bought the rights to Kurt Busiek's Astro City, set in a city filled with superheroes, supervillains, and the normal humans stuck in the middle.

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