Seattle Police Briefly Re-Examined Kurt Cobain's Death 20 Years After It Happened


Police in Seattle just wanted to make sure that Kurt Cobain is actually dead.


Kurt Cobain's Roommate Is Selling A Bunch Of His Stuff On Craigslist

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Want to own Kurt Cobain's Swatch Phone? It's on Craigslist.


A Horrifying Crying Kurt Cobain Statue Was Unveiled On ‘Kurt Cobain Day’

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Who'd a-thunk Kurt Cobain Day would be really, really sad?

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An Imaginary Chat With Kurt Cobain About Making It Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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A fake chat with Kurt Cobain about making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Hear Kurt Cobain Discuss His Childhood And His Sexuality In This Lost 1993 Cassette Tape Interview


In 1993 Kurt Cobain sat down for a brief interview with Jon Savage. It was recently found on cassette tape and has been set to animation by PBS.

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Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Isn’t The Only Kurt Cobain Memorabilia You Can Buy This Week

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As the 20th anniversary reissue of Nirvana's "In Utero" was released this week, Kurt Cobain's family is trying to sell his childhood home as a museum.

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This Is Nirvana’s First Ever Recording Contract

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Sub Pop has uploaded the original recording contract between themselves and Nirvana, one of the biggest and most influential bands ever. Want to see it?

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Nirvana’s 20th Anniversary ‘In Utero’ Box Set Will Feature Plenty Of Treats

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The 3 CD/1 DVD 20th anniversary box set of Nirvana's "In Utero" will feature a "Forgotten Tune" and two mixes of the band's final album, among other songs.

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Virginia Tech’s Mascot Doesn’t Realize Kurt Cobain Is Dead, Asks Nirvana To Support A Homecoming Queen

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A mascot for Virginia Tech wrote to Sub Pop, asking them if Nirvana could support the school's homecoming queen.


When he was 18, Kurt Cobain got arrested for graffiti of Shaggy & Scooby Doo having sex

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I suppose this is movie-related insomuch as there was a Scooby Doo movie, but really it's just a story that demanded to be shared.


Happy Birthday To Kurt: 20 Reasons Why Nirvana Took The Best Band Photos

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A collection of the best Nirvana band photos, featuring birthday boy Kurt Cobain.


Kurt Cobain's 50 Favorite Albums Are Better Than Your 50 Favorite Albums

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Further proof that Kurt Cobain might have been the coolest person ever.

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7 Amazing Musical Moments That Never Happened Because Of Death

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John Lennon's worldwide tour, Left Eye recording with David Bowie, and other moments in music history that never happened because of death.


Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time: 15 Great Songs Released Posthumously


In honor of the one-year anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death, 15 great songs from 15 great artists that were released posthumously.


2.21 The Cooler

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Sabrina Sky Reggie Miller Still Not Sold On Jeremy Lin [LBSports] Rihanna Covers Up Her Lady Business [Hollywood Tuna] Peter Rosenberg Calls Nicki Minaj "A Sell-Out" [Hip-Hop Wired] Lakers' Pau Gasol Play Through Trade Talks & Doubts [LA Times] Jabari Interviews Phil Adé [BET] The Sportsfan [...].

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Courtney Love Melts Down On Stage As Dave Grohl Continues To Dominate

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If you went to see Hole perform live in Brazil over the weekend, you got to see Courtney Love perform topless, which I suppose is like getting to see the sun rise in the East -- totally expected if you can just bring yourself to make the effort to see it.

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