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Kurt Sutter’s ‘The Bastard Executioner’ Begins Filming In Wales Next Month

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For the past several weeks, Sons of Anarchy showrunner and generally outspoken person Kurt Sutter has turned his Instagram page into a collection of fun and almost-artistic photos from his trip to Wales.

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Prepare To Ride Again With The First Game Trailer For ‘Sons Of Anarchy: Prospect’

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The first "rough cut" trailer for the 'Sons of Anarchy' video game has arrived and yes, you can drive a motorcycle in the rain.

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The Parents Television Council Is Still Coming At ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Hard

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Kurt Sutter and PTC probably won't be exchanging Christmas cards this season.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Is Going To Ride Again… Sorta

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The blood and tears aren't dry yet from the 'Sons of Anarchy' series finale, but good news is on the way for gamers and SOA fans.

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Finale Recap: The Crow Flies Full Circle

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Wrapping up seven seasons of 'Sons of Anarchy' with one Final Ride.


Kurt Sutter’s Greatest Hits Of Angry, Obscene, And Downright Hilarious Tweets

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Kurt Sutter is the most entertaining -- and profane -- television writer in Hollywood.

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The Funniest Moments From ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s Seven Tragedy-Filled Seasons

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Before 'Sons of Anarchy' was a bleak tragedy, it had a very dark and funny sense of humor.

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Comparing What The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Looked Like In The Pilot Vs. Now

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The 'Sons of Anarchy' cast looks completely different now than they did seven short years ago.

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How Gemma Teller Is Actually The Walter White Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

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One of TV's best all-time villains has more in common with Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' than you might think.

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The Best Twitter Responses To Last Night’s Shocking ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Episode

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A rundown of the most amusing reactions to the penultimate episode of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

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These Twisted ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Moments Prove Kurt Sutter Is TV’s Most Depraved Showrunner

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All the evidence you need to know that Kurt Sutter is the sickest showrunner in television.

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Holy Crap Jake Gyllenhaal Is Jacked In This First Image From ‘Southpaw’

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Jake Gyllenhaal has packed on 15 pounds of pure muscle to star as Junior Middleweight Champion Billy “The Great” Hope in 'Southpaw'.

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Kurt Sutter Turns In The Best, Most Anguishing ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Episode In Years

By | 134 Comments

The hard, painful truth finally came out in this week's 'Sons of Anarchy.'

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‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Recap: The Most Entertaining Episode Of The Season

By | 152 Comments

Completely ridiculous at times, and satisfying at others, Kurt Sutter finally turned in a final-season gem.

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