LxE For The Uncool – “The Format” Video

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Tis' the season for giving and <a href="">LxE For The Uncool</a> is dropping off a little stocking stuffer in the form of rhyme.

We Got Now

P. Blackk – Blackk Friday Mixtape

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While you were out burning off the Turkey Day calories with a little extravagant shopping, <a href="">P. Blackk</a> was organizing a community block watch in Blackk Friday, his new militant offering which showcases exclusive production from iYeball of Fly.

The Malcolm Little Apparatus

LxE – “Bordeaux VIIs” Video

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Calling LxE's <a href="">"Bordeaux VIIs"</a> conscious would do it a disservice since 85% of listeners would immediately skip past the song and video.


DJ Giovanny x Elev8tor Music Present Summer Jam 614 Mixtape

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If you're a Columbus Buckeye such as MZ and I myself, then you should know this Saturday, July 23rd is turning into a clean sweat party with the 3rd annual Summer Jam in conjunction with Icon's Summer Concert Series.

The Malcolm Little Apparatus

LxE – “Bordeaux VIIs”


"Alex Haley's Roots taught me to never forget who I am, the Roots crew told me to never do what they do.

Themidas Touch

Themidas Touch – Beat Up The Beat EP

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<a href=""> While most rappers are content with a simple shoving match with their instrumentals, Themidas Touch is a golden gloves MC and he's out to Beat Up The Beat for his freeEP. Metaphors for jabs, similes for hooks and this Columbus, OH wordsmith likes for his songs to hit you like a flurry of haymakers. With contributions from Ill Poetic, L.e. for the Uncool and Cliff Lefevre, the recording booth has now turned into the squared circle. *Ding* 01. Step to the Mic (Prod. by DJ Bombay) 02. <a href="">What U Want? (Feat. DJ Bombay) (Prod. by Cliff Lefevre)</a> 03.

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L.e For The Uncool – The Measure

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<a href=""></a><a href=""> In Hip-Hop, like every where else, there are those who set the bar and then there are those who fail to hit the mark. Columbus native <a href="">L.e</a> is aware of this and wants everyone to know which side of the line he stands on his latest project The Measure.

The Measure

L.e Feat. Naledge – “Lifestyle Excessiveness”

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<a href=""> For a track called “Lifestyle Excessiveness,” the formula for success on this nifty little nugget is pretty simple. A reasonably jazzy if not mind-blowing back beat, a few ripped off nasally bars from Ohio native <a href="">L.e</a> and a guest spot from <a href="">Naledge</a> do the trick.


L.e. – “Bulldog BMX” Video

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<a href=""> Even though he sounds like he's pinching his nose when spitting and looks like a bi-racial <a href="">Clint Howard</a>, Ohio emcee L.


Video: Stalley Visits His Alma Mater

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<a href=""> "And the streets say Jigga can't go back home/You know when I heard that?/When I was back home..." -- Jay-Z - "Streets Is Talking" With <a href="">Creative Control</a> <a href="">Stalley</a> took a slight detour to stop by his alma mater while on the way down to Columbus for his show at <a href="">Skully's today</a>.

Truck North

Elevator Music Presents Stalley In Columbus: The EP

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<a href=""> As <a href="">previously stated</a>, the capital of Ohio will be bursting with Hip-Hop dopeness this Friday as Stalley takes center stage at Skully's with Truck North, L.

Truck North

Event: Stalley’s Ohio Homecoming @ Skully’s

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<a href=""> Well you knew we couldn't make you wait too long to show off <a href="">our new banners</a>.

Von Pea

L.e. – The Anti-Parachute Theory

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<a href=""> Guaranteed to set clear distinctions between him and the rest of the peers, L.e. dons his ripcords and lets The Anti-Parachute Theory freefall from the studio right onto your hard drive. With contributions from Rashad & Nicotine of Elevator Music, <a href="">Blueprint</a> and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, expect a gratifying package with blatant disregard for gravity.

Von Pea

Parachutes Are For Losers…

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It's already <a href="">been proven</a> that L.

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What's the worst thing about being labeled a "hipster rapper.

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