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Bon Iver Needed 2 Microphones On SNL

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If you watched Bon Iver's performance on the Channing Dude-Bro Tatum-hosted SNL last night, you saw that Justin Vernon sang into not one, but two microphones.

david letterman

Lana Del Rey Actually Killed On Letterman Last Night

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Well, well, well -- what a difference a couple of weeks makes.

Next Media Animation

Lana Del Rey Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment


They say that you haven't really "made it" these days until the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation make you the subject of their web videos.

arrested development

Ping Pong Dog Enjoys A Good Match (And Morning Links)


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Photoshop Challenge: Liam Neeson Versus…

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After reading <a href="" target="_blank">Burnsy's account of Courtney Stodden's tweets</a> and then <a href="" target="_blank">your corresponding suicidal responses</a> I found myself feeling helpless.


Whitney Cummings Defending Lana Del Rey is My ‘Vortex of Misery’

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You know how we’re all waiting for a TV show starring Alison Brie, Peter Dinklage, Nathan Fillion, the dog from The Artist, Jean-Ralphio, and Lizzy Caplan, right.


Whitney Cummings: Leave Lana Del Rey Alone!

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By now you've probably seen, or at least heard about, <a href="">Lana Del Rey's almost universally panned performance on SNL</a> last weekend, as it was the talk for the internet for some time earlier in the week.

eliza dushku

That Lana Del Rey Person Was Impossibly Awful On SNL Last Night

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Inspired by the emergence of Kreayshawn, or more precisely the inability to wrap one's brain around it, my friend Edith wrote, in <a href="">an essay for the New York Times that was published back in November</a>, the following: "The Internet is a new kind of barometer for keeping track of exactly how old you feel: how many things you don’t get, how many mini-Internet worlds you can’t find the door to; exactly how many crickets in the world you can no longer hear chirping.

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