It's The Dancing Chandler Meets Spinning Lana Del Rey Meets Gangnam Style Britney GIF The World Needed


I think this was created on Tumblr, although it might have been immaculate GIF conception.


10 Bands That Should Be On 'SNL' This Season


A list of 10 bands and artists, including Daft Punk and Killer Mike, who should perform on "SNL" during the show's 2012-2013 season.


Courtney Love Ruins ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ For Everyone Forever


As you may have heard, Lane Del Rey has been going around doing a cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box." If that wasn't enough to ruin for the song for you, Courtney Love may have delivered the kill shot on Twitter this morning with two tweets.

Yung Joey

Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

It’s impossible to cover each bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup.

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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ Debuts On The Saddest Day Of Summer 2012

I'm not sure if the timing of this is good or awful, but Lana Del Rey released her video for "Summertime Sadness" -- a song about losing someone you love -- today, one of the most tragic days in recent memory. And like her last video, this one is quite Instagram-y.

The Kickdrums

A$AP Rocky “Ridin'” x Lana Del Rey “National Anthem” Video


Another two-for-one editor's special in a world where genres know no boundaries.


Lana Del Rey's 'National Anthem' Video Is Basically An Instagram Tribute To JFK & Jackie O


I think I'll leave it to my buddy Carles at Hipster Runoff to describe Lana Del Rey's new video for "National Anthem," in which she plays Jackie O to A$AP Rocky's JFK.


Lana Del Rey’s ‘Carmen’ Video Is A Mystery Wrapped Within An Enigma, Or Something


Related. Object of internet fascination Lana Del Rey may or may not be dating enormous star Axl Rose, but she most definitely tweeted about her new video for "Carmen" on Saturday night.

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey And Axl Rose, A Love Story

As you may have heard, Axl Rose and Lana Del Rey are rumored to be an item.

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Lana Del Rey Enjoys Some Sexy Time In A Pool In Her 'Blue Jeans' Video


It's Monday, and I can't think of a better way to start off this week on the internet -- after last week ended with one of the Invisible Children bros wanking in public -- than with a new video from internet object of fascination Lana Del Rey.

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Many Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been 'Cholafied'


I was out in Arizona recently, visiting my good buddy, stand-up comic and Twitter god Pauly Casillas, and he took me to a very popular Mexican restaurant in Tucson.


We'd Be Remiss If We Didn't Cover The Latest Video Game Inspired Lana Del Rey Parody

"Her early work as Lizzy Grant was a little too bluesy for my tastes, but when Born to Die came out in '11, I think she really came into her own, commercially and artistically.


Music’s 5 Newest Illuminati Inductees


Graphics: Miss Dimplez Nowadays, whenever an artist attains a certain amount of success, especially when sudden, it's directly attributed to them being apart of the Illuminati, a secret society helmed by Jay-Z that pretty much controls the world through song.


Very Important Political GIF Of The Moment: Lana Del Rey For President


Vote Lana Del Rey for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

#seth meyers

Kristen Wiig Channels ‘Stiff, Distant, and Weird’ Lana Del Rey For SNL Sketch


As you may recall, Lana Del Rey's performance on SNL a few weeks ago was "impossibly awful.


Bon Iver Needed 2 Microphones On SNL


If you watched Bon Iver's performance on the Channing Dude-Bro Tatum-hosted SNL last night, you saw that Justin Vernon sang into not one, but two microphones.

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