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Did You See These Surprising Movie Cameos Coming?

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Count down 15 of the most surprising celebrity movie cameos, including that one in 'Interstellar.' Warning, there are spoilers ahead.


Celebrate 20 Years Of ‘This Is SportsCenter’ With The Campaign’s Funniest Commercials

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'This is SportsCenter' was created 20 years ago to bring ESPN's top show into the mainstream, and it's as relevant and funny as ever.


Lance Armstrong Drew A Very Awkward Card While Playing Cards Against Humanity

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Lance Armstrong Tweeted a photo of a card that he pulled during a game of Cards Against Humanity, and it hit definitely hit home.


10 Sports People Who Sported This Year In Sports The Sportiest Of 2013

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A lot of people played sports in 2013, but these sports players were the best at making awesome sports photos and other such sports things.


Keith Olbermann (And Everyone Else In The World) Thinks Lance Armstrong Should Shut The Hell Up

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Keith Olbermann's latest rant is simply a plea we can all agree with: "Lance Armstrong, you should shut the hell up immediately and forever."


Lance Armstrong Is Ready To Be The Jose Canseco Of Cycling

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Lance Armstrong, a guy who did not cheat unless you have evidence of him cheating and then he totally cheated, is now blaming the UCI for his cheating.


Lance Armstrong Wants Us To Feel Bad About All Of The Money That He Has Lost

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In a new interview, disgraced lying, cheating cyclist Lance Armstrong whines that he has lost a lot of money while others have profited.


1st picture: Ben Foster’s Lance Armstrong biopic takes lead in Hollywood’s Tour De Lance

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Courtesy of StudioCanal (via Empire), here's the first picture of Ben Foster on the set of Stephen Frears' Lance Armstrong biopic, which went into production before it could even decide on a title (perhaps in order to beat competing projects from Jay Roach - with Brad Cooper attached - and JJ Abrams).


Here’s An Easy Joke: WADA Is Investigating Jamaican Athletes For Doping

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is investigating Jamaica for skipping out on drug tests before the London Olympics. Get it, Jamaica doped.


TRAILER: Alex Gibney’s ‘The Armstrong Lie,’ about Lance Armstrong

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I've never been convinced that Lance Armstrong is this evil villain, which has become far and away the dominant media narrative in the last few years.


The Trailer For ‘The Armstrong Lie’ Promises Some Delicious Schadenfreude

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Alex Gibney's documentary The Armstrong Lie promises to "set the record straight" by allowing Lance Armstrong to explain why he lied to everyone.


Ben Foster to play Lance Armstrong in Biopic

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Hollywood loves biopics, even if audiences don't, so much so that there are currently THREE Lance Armstrong projects in development, plus an Alex Gibney documentary from Sony Pictures Classic.


Finally, Somebody Let Babe Ruth Rap


It's rare that I get to share something from the Epic Rap Battles Of History on a sports blog, but the latest effort features Lance Armstrong battling Babe Ruth, so here we go.


Epic Rap Battle: Babe Ruth vs. Lance Armstrong


The Babe and Lance Armstrong engage in an Epic Rap Battle.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Old School Raw 3/4/13: Wherein Everything Is Super Old

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Pre-show notes: - If you're unaware, I'm helping Best and Worst of Impact columnist Danielle with her new wrestling site, The Mandible Claw.


It’s Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Interview Mixed And Mashed Into Radiohead’s ‘Creep’


I’m more affected by the fact that Radiohead’s “Creep” is old enough to drink than I am by anything that Lance Armstrong says lately, which is why I only watched the former 7-time Tour de France champion’s interview with Oprah Winfrey so I could burn a few thousand calories by practicing my eye roll exercises.


Lance Armstrong Sings Radiohead’s “Creep”


Lance Armstrong "sings" an appropriate tune in this brilliant mashup of footage from his confession to Oprah.


The New Tour de France Champion


Now that Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his titles, the first non-doper in line is ready to claim his yellow jerseys.

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