Kidz In The Hall Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Donnis – “Fresh Academy” Video

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Live from Planet KITH, Chip Tha Ripper and Donnis want to school you in the art of pre-gaming as they set out to hit the party life.

The Kid Daytona

“Top Of The World” – Review Of Kidz In The Hall’s Land Of Make Believe

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The allure of fame and stardom has drawn many a man in for a chance to bask in their glow.

One Shot Series

Kidz In The Hall – “The Introlude” Video


“Between your future and your present…Between what’s real and what’s fake…Between where you are and where you want to be…Lies the Land of Make Believe.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Kidz In The Hall

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Actual intelligence is an undervalued aspect in Hip-Hop.


Kidz In The Hall Feat. Just Blaze & Colin Monroe – “Take Over The World”

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On one of their most ambitious records ever, Kidz In The Hall express their desire for global dominance in just five minutes of triumph and pure exaltation.

The Kid Daytona

Kidz In The Hall Will Be Flickin’ On March 9th

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Keeping in the spirit of strong spring releases for the Hip-Hop community, the Kidz from down the hall will be entering the Land Of Make Believe with a star-studded cast including Just Blaze, Chip Tha Ripper, MC Lyte, Donnis, Amanda [...].


Kidz In The Hall – “Jukebox”

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More educational electronica from those Mensa musicians.


Kidz In The Hall – “Flickin'”

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The Brainiac and the Double O channel their inner 8-Bit Nintendo with this one and why shouldn't they.

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