Adam Silver Does Not See “Major Shift” In NBA & Intl. Play After George Injury

The scary compound leg fracture suffered by Paul George during Friday night's USA Basketball Showcase means one of the best and most promising players in the league will miss the entire 2014-15 NBA season.


George Will Likely Miss 2014-2015 Season; Pacers Support USA Basketball


A report by Yahoo's Marc Spears says that Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George had a successful surgery and will likely miss the 2014-2015 season.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says He’ll Train Roy Hibbert


Earlier in the off-season -- after what Paul George described as the Pacers forgetting their "edge," which led to a marked drop in performance during the second half of the season -- the team was reportedly "quietly" shopping Roy Hibbert.

Larry Bird

Bird On Lance’s Departure: “I’m Going To Miss The Kid”

Lance Stephenson decided to sign a three-year deal with the Charlotte Hornets last week, instead of accepting the long-term contract the Pacers were offering.

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Tracy Morgan’s Favorite NBA Finals Memory Really Had Nothing To Do With Larry Bird

Tracy Morgan's favorite NBA Finals moment kind of involved Larry Bird, but mainly revolved around Nutter Butters and Mello Yello.


Bird & Vogel Want Lance Stephenson Back

Pacers general manager and greatest small forward of all time (at least through next week) Larry Bird held court with reporters yesterday after exit interviews with the team and opened up about Frank Vogel and most of the Pacers roster, which he wants to keep together.

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Larry Bird Upset At Lance Blowing In LeBron’s Ear

The moment Lance Stephenson blew in LeBron James' ear for a national television audience to see, the Internet was buzzing, and a hysterical meme ensued.


The 10 Greatest Small Forwards In NBA History


The small forward used to compliment the frontcourt, but in the contemporary game it's a position that's turned out elite wing players with the body of a power forward from just a generation prior.

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Report: Indiana’s Frank Vogel is “Coaching For His Job” In These Playoffs

The Pacers have gone through a complete metamorphosis since jumping out of the gate to a 40-11 start to the season.


“PTI” Wins April Fools Day With Frank Vogel – Larry Bird Fake Story

Pardon The Interruption duo Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon won April Fools Day.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Doesn’t Want LeBron James On The Non-Existent Mt. Rushmore


Mount Rushmore is one of the dumbest, laziest debates in sports, as evidenced by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being upset with LeBron James.


Video: Kevin Love Talks About Joining BODYARMOR & Going 1-On-1 With Larry Bird

Today, BODYARMOR SuperDrink announced Kevin Love has joined their brand, uniting with fellow athletes like James Harden, Andrew Luck, Mike Trout, LeSean McCoy and Rob Gronkowski.


4 Dumb Reasons For Fans To Argue About NBA’s Mount Rushmore


Like we were campaigning for office, the heated debates we get swept up in concerning the greatest NBA players of all time have become as much a part of our lives as the game themselves.


Debunking Myths: The 1980s NBA Vs. The Modern Game, Vol. 1

The passing of time and subsequent dulling of our memories always makes the past look grander than it actually was.


Kobe Bryant Gives His Own NBA Mount Rushmore At All-Star Weekend


Perhaps you heard LeBron James provide the media his NBA Mount Rushmore earlier this month.


The 10 Greatest 1-On-1 Duels In NBA History

Is there anything more attention grabbing than an individual battle between two Hall of Fame-bound players.

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LeBron James Says He’ll Be On NBA’s Mount Rushmore

LeBron James might have ceded a little ground to Kevin Durant over the last couple months, and he's certainly trailing KD in MVP talk, but the man who has captured four of the last five MVP awards and the last two Finals MVP awards, is starting to thinking bigger than his contemporaries.


Report: Andrew Bynum Signs With The Pacers


The Pacers announced today in a press release they had signed Andrew Bynum for the remainder of the season.

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