Larry David’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Was Delightfully Very Larry David

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Larry David was the subject of a 60 Minutes profile that aired last night. It was wonderful.


TBS Is Probably Speeding Up ‘Seinfeld’ Reruns To Fit In More Commercials

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In the age of 22-minute run-times, the longer episodes of 'Seinfeld' just won't do for TBS.


Enjoy Larry David Discussing The Finer Points Of Hotel Sex On ‘Letterman’


Larry David loves living in the hotel life while performing on Broadway. Namely the part about having random sexual encounters.


Larry David Spoke To Howard Stern About Masturbation And How Much He’s Worth


Howard Stern isn't afraid to ask Larry David about masturbation or his net worth.

curb your enthusiasm

Larry David Might Be Finished With ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Because You Hated The ‘Seinfeld’ Finale

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It's beginning to sound more and more likely that Larry David is done with making new episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."


Your Comprehensive Guide To Larry David’s ‘Seinfeld’ Cameos

By | 12 Comments

You can find Larry David in tons of 'Seinfeld' episodes if you look and/or listen hard enough.


Larry David Finally Addresses Jennifer Lawrence’s Crush On Him

By | 10 Comments

Larry David heard about Jennifer Lawrence's crush on him and responds the best way he can.

curb your enthusiasm

Larry David Hasn’t ‘Given Up Hope’ For A New Season Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

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Despite not having plans or ideas for another season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' Larry David isn't ruling out an eventual ninth season.

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Brilliant Writers And Actors You May Not Realize Spent Time In The ‘SNL’ Writers’ Room

By | 11 Comments

Ten recognizable names from the entertainment world who began their careers in the 'SNL' writers room.


Enjoy These 7 Interesting Facts About ‘Seinfeld’ That You Probably Didn’t Know

By | 6 Comments

Cinefix has compiled 7 interesting facts about 'Seinfeld' that you probably, surely, maybe don't know, unless you do.

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Larry David Told A Hilariously Awkward Joke About ‘Coming’ To Jimmy Fallon Last Night

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Something something this is the closest we may ever get to new 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'


The Good: Larry David On Broadway. The Bad: No New ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

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Larry David is coming to Broadway (yay!), but that means we have to wait even longer until any more "Curb" (boo!).


Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Seinfeld’ With The 25 Most Useful ‘Seinfeld’ GIFs

By | 16 Comments

"Seinfeld" turns 25 this Saturday, so let's have a look at 25 of the show's most useful GIFs.


Larry David And Charissa Thompson Should Definitely Have Their Own Hockey Show

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Celebrity sports fan dynamic duo Larry David and Charissa Thompson are the best at loud pre-game Stanley Cup analysis and selfies.


This Animated Larry David Rant Is The Closest Thing We’re Getting To New ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’


Laura Kightlinger and Dave Attell are trying to enjoy lunch, but Larry David has some things on his mind.

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