Prince Harry Provided 'Community' With Some Unexpected UK Promotion

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Shockingly, Alison Brie GIFs weren't involved, although we assume Prince Harry is a fan.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Megan Rossee

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I apologize for not keeping proper tabs on the WAGS of the Olympics, as I’ve been too busy sulking over the fact that my Russian long jumper girlfriend Darya Klishina is not competing in London.


Reason No. 4,651,763 Why Twitter Is Destroying Humanity

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That battered face above belongs to 26-year old professional poker player Sam Trickett, who claims on his Twitter account to be the most winning poker player in the history of Great Britain and Ireland.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Can Probably Kick Your Ass

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Ever since Mike Tyson started his one-man show in Las Vegas, he 's become Mr. Name Dropper on Twitter with all of the new celebrity and Vegas "celebrity" friends that he's made.


Paulina Gretzky Just Proved Why Instagram Is Worth $1 Billion

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Last year, the Internet’s legions of dude bros rejoiced as having a Twitter account finally paid off when NHL legend Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, was happily posting revealing pictures of herself for all of us to… respect and admire.


Brad Pitt Totally Ruined Mike Tyson's Game


When I was in Las Vegas last weekend, all the cab drivers and table dealers wanted to talk about when it came to shows was how excited everyone was for Mike Tyson to begin his highly-anticipated one man show, “Undisputed Truth – Live on Stage.” Of course I completely understood their excitement and I was somewhat depressed that it hadn’t started yet, because I can only imagine the hilarity that will come with Tyson telling old stories for an hour or two on stage.


A Different, Better Bowl Game: The Best Of Lingerie Bowl IX

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While most of us spent our Sunday ragging on Darren Rovell and guys who bring crappy beer to Super Bowl parties, people at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas got to witness the most important sports action of the day – Lingerie Bowl IX.


Alistair Overeem Charged With Beating Woman, Possibly Into Retirement

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Breaking news courtesy of TMZ: UFC superstar Alistair Overeem -- the guy who beat Brock Lesnar into retirement -- has been charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly attacking a woman in a Vegas hotel earlier this month.


It’s The Last Temptation Of Tim Tebow

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As we discussed last week when news of Chyna being hammered surprised no one, the AVN Awards took place two weeks ago in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel.


The World’s Fastest Christian, Breakdancing To The Godzilla Soundtrack

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I thought he was just a cereal box model, but apparently Jeff Gordon is a champion race car driver and B-Boy.


Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Is Going Places

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As always, if you’re not following Jose Canseco on Twitter, you are missing out on treat after misspelled treat, including random emotional outbursts, sad claims that he could still produce at the Major League level, and requests for lawyers to help him get his chandeliers back.


Las Vegas Used To Be Better Than This

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I think the best part of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humphries is that we’re pretty much done ever having to mention Humphries again.


As Always, Heidi Klum Is Awesome At Halloween

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Halloween has always been a competition for female celebrities.

Lingerie Football League

Lingerie Football’s Top Prize: Hitting A Woman

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We've written about the Lingerie Football League a lot on With Leather lately, from their condescending video titles on YouTube to their 4Chan-friendly plans for pee-wee lingerie football, but the latest bit of news from the worldwide leader in mic'd panty shields may be the worst of all -- Lingerie Football is offering one "lucky" fan a chance to hit their favorite LFL player during halftime at the Lingerie Bowl IX.


With Leather, With Love: Wedding Well Wishes To Tiger Woods’ Worst Woman

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It feels like a decade, but it has only been two years since we were first introduced to Rachel Uchitel, the woman who was the figurative (and probably literal) snowballer to the world’s former No.


Only In Vegas: Kim Kardashian Had Kris Humphries’ Bachelor Party

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A few weeks ago, I made fun of Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh because he had such a typical and unoriginal bachelor party for a guy who is the highest paid player on a team that features LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

#LeBron James

LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Hate Chris Bosh With A Passion

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Over the weekend, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh had his bachelor party in Las Vegas, and he and his friends dubbed it, “The Hangover 3”.

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