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Science May Cure Alzheimer’s By Blasting It With Lasers

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Science blasts everything with lasers, but in the case of Alzheimer's, it might just work.

cosmetic surgery

George Clooney’s ‘Ball Ironing’ Is The New Craze That’s Taking Over Hollywood

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Men like George Clooney in Hollywood and beyond are reportedly visiting cosmetic experts to have the wrinkles ironed out of their testicles.

i see this ending in fire

This Homemade Lightsaber Is A Pyromaniac’s Dream

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This homemade lightsaber can actually cut things. And set most other things on fire.


Kneel Before Zod In The Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring 'Superman' actor Terence Stamp with a Shepard Fairey style Zod T-shirt, a Sylvester Stallone GIF, and a silly dog.


Why Socks Disappear, Flying Laser Bears, And Afternoon Links

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Today's afternoon links, featuring Corridor Digital's explanation of how socks disappear, as well as a Laser Bear painting that belongs in a museum.

america f*** yeah

The U.S. Military Is Officially Installing Laser Weapons Into Fighter Jets

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DARPA is building a laser weapon. OK, so that's not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that it could be in the air by the end of the year.


Guy Builds A Functional Iron Man Gauntlet With Lasers. Take That, Back Of The Hand.

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Patrick Priebe of Laser-Gadgets built his own Iron Man gauntlet, complete with two lasers to help him aim his EVEN STRONGER LASERS.

black holes

Meet The Laser Out To Prove Stephen Hawking Right

By | 7 Comments

Stephen Hawking's theory may be proven correct... with lasers. Because lasers are awesome.


FBI Founds Task Force To Stop Idiots Blasting Pilots In The Face With Lasers

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Air travelers, meet your new nightmare: idiots with laser pointers.


Business Cat And Pole Dance Interrupting Cat Present The Links


Jimmy Henchman Indicted For Murder, Admits To Role In Tupac Shooting |Smoking Section| We Still Ain’t Found Sh*t: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spaceballs |Film Drunk| 12 TV Stars Who Shouldn’t Have Received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Before Bryan Cranston [...].


Seven of Nine, No!


Happy Star Wars Day.


USA! USA! America Fires Most Powerful Laser Ever

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The United States recently made a bold move to shore up support amongst 10-year-old boys the world over by firing the most powerful laser in history.


2 Million Degree Laser Won’t Be Used for Evil, We’re Sure


So, you've got an x-ray laser that, when pointed at matter, can heat it up to 2 million degrees in a trillionth of second.


25 Ray Guns, Blasters and Phasers Inspired by the Sci-Fi of Yesteryear

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The best part of technology that has never existed is that there is no logic that determines what it must look like.


Functional Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter Ignites A Match, Pops Balloon


For a good while now, the survival horror video game title Dead Space 2 has been available for purchase on store shelves.


In the Navy, Lasers Melt Dinghies, In the Navy

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Let me start by saying that I have an immense amount of respect for the United States Navy.


Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Punches Through Razorblades WITH SCIENCE


Patrick Priebe built a pulse laser gun which can send a 1 kW pulse of coherent infrared light through a razorblade, sheets of plastic, and half a centimeter of styrofoam at a range of up to three meters for dark surfaces.


Party Trick #185: Turning A Laser Into A Tractor Beam

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Ahhh yeah ya'll, I hope everybody brought along an extra change of clothes today -things are about to get sweaty and sexy- because we're gonna' be discussing lasers, folks, specifically how one might turn a laser into a tractor beam.

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