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UPROXX’s 10 Best TV Shows Of 2014

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The best TV that 2014 had to offer.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Broke His Hiatus To Deliver A Special Thanksgiving Message: ‘Death To Turkeys!’


The host of 'Last Week Tonight' briefly returned to YouTube to lampoon the annual Thanksgiving tradition. All it did was make me hungry.


Watch John Oliver Teach Us All A Lesson About The Lottery That We Will All Probably Ignore

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John Oliver has some distressing things to say about the lottery and its lack of an impact on public education.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch John Oliver Fish-Slap A Multitude Of Celebrities On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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John Oliver schools us about salmon cannons on 'Last Week Tonight', uses one to fish-slap a plethora of celebrities and new anchors.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Takes On The Danger Zone Of Home Depot With Archer And Ron Swanson

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'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' responds to Lowe's new robots with a parody starring Nick Offerman, Sarah Baker, and H. Jon Benjamin.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Bashes Shady Sugar-Pushing Food Companies, Demands They #ShowUsYourPeanuts

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John Oliver takes a sobering look at sugar consumption and the way it's unknowingly pushed on consumers


John Oliver’s Revelation About Our Government This Week Will Make You Unbelievably Furious

By | 26 Comments

The 'Last Week Tonight' segment on translators in Afghanistan will make your blood boil.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Delivers The Definitive Pumpkin Spice Takedown

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John Oliver is not happy with America's pumpkin spice obsession, so he offers some alternative fall-themed flavors.

flying death machines

John Oliver Thinks That America’s Drone Program Is Absolutely Horrifying

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Armed American drones patrol the skies in many countries. This does not set will with the people in those countries.

#John Oliver

Watch John Oliver Go On An ‘Epic’ F*ck Piñatas ‘Takedown’ So The Internet Has Something To Write About

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Come for the internet self-awareness, stay for the much-deserved Caliou jokes (the piñata jokes aren't bad either).

legalized scams

John Oliver Took The Parasitic Payday Loan Industry To The Woodshed On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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Payday loan companies are modern day loan sharks. Please allow John Oliver to explain.


John Oliver Came Up With A Perfect Plan To Improve The Awful Image Of New York’s Port Authority

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The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is suddenly concerned about its image. John Oliver has a free idea for the agency.

#John Oliver

John Oliver Is Sad About The Lost Gecko Space Orgy, Will Start WWIII If Russia Doesn’t #GoGetThoseGeckos

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John Oliver is very upset about the gecko orgy Russia lost in space. So he started #GoGetThoseGeckos.


John Oliver’s Enlightening Prison Segment Used A Muppet Sing-A-Long To Hammer Home How F*cked Things Are

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John Oliver used muppets and drop the soap supercuts to explain the state of our prison system, and it was still as depressing as hell.


John Oliver Reading Warren G. Harding’s ‘Smutty F*ck Notes’ Is Making Us All Hot

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Anyone interested in watching John Oliver read smutty love letters written by a dead president who named his dick?


John Oliver Pre-Recorded A Segment Perfectly Describing Your 4th Of July Fireworks Experience

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Here's a British comedian explaining everything crappy and wonderful about your July 4th experience.


You Should Really Watch This Astonishing ‘Last Week Tonight’ Segment On Gay Rights In Uganda

By | 29 Comments

John Oliver continues to nail it each week on 'Last Week Tonight.' Here's his latest great piece of work.


John Oliver Used A Puppy And George R.R. Martin To Illustrate Everything Wrong With Dr. Oz

By | 21 Comments

John Oliver used a puppy, George R.R. Martin, and Steve Buscemi to make the case against Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Watch John Oliver Attempt To Guess Whether Crazy Soccer Names Like ‘Bongo Christ’ Are Real Or Fake

By | 5 Comments

John Oliver attempts to determine whether names like Bongo Christ, Fabian Assman, and Dick Tickler are those of real soccer players.

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