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John Oliver Expertly Pointed Out The Idiocy Of America’s Elected Judiciary System

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As usual, John Oliver says it better than anybody explaining why America's elected judiciary is problematic, at best.

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John Oliver Thinks ‘Hologram Jon Stewart’ Should Take Over ‘The Daily Show’


John Oliver has the perfect idea for keeping 'The Daily Show' chugging along after John Stewart's departure.


Philip Morris Issued A Long-Winded, Hacking Response To John Oliver’s Anti-Tobacco Rant

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They also think Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat could manage more of a smile.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Took On Big Tobacco: The ‘Open Sores On Satan’s Dick’

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On 'Last Week Tonight,' John Oliver explains how Philip Morris International bullies small countries trying to enact public health warnings.

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Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Took On John Oliver On Twitter

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Then again, Oliver struck first during last Sunday's episode of 'Last Week Tonight'. Either way, the resulting Twitter war is wonderful.

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Watch John Oliver Take On Drug Companies In A Brilliant ‘Last Week Tonight’ Segment

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'Last Week Tonight' takes issue with drug companies spending billions of dollars to market drugs to doctors.

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Weekend Preview: ‘The Walking Dead’ Returns And ‘Better Call Saul’ Debuts

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'The Walking Dead' mid-season premiere, 'The Grammy Awards', 'Last Week Tonight' returns, and 'Better Call Saul' debuts.

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John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Antics Just Inspired A Groundbreaking Bill In Washington State

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Comedian and political satirist John Oliver has inspired a bill that is being introduced into Washington State Senate today.

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‘More Of Basically The Same': Here’s The Season Two Promo For ‘Last Week Tonight’


Aside from being 'More of basically the same,' the bit promises the return of John Oliver's hit show with a number of gags.

BEST OF 2014

UPROXX’s 10 Best TV Shows Of 2014

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The best TV that 2014 had to offer.

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John Oliver Broke His Hiatus To Deliver A Special Thanksgiving Message: ‘Death To Turkeys!’


The host of 'Last Week Tonight' briefly returned to YouTube to lampoon the annual Thanksgiving tradition. All it did was make me hungry.


Watch John Oliver Teach Us All A Lesson About The Lottery That We Will All Probably Ignore

By | 13 Comments

John Oliver has some distressing things to say about the lottery and its lack of an impact on public education.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch John Oliver Fish-Slap A Multitude Of Celebrities On ‘Last Week Tonight’

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John Oliver schools us about salmon cannons on 'Last Week Tonight', uses one to fish-slap a plethora of celebrities and new anchors.

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John Oliver Takes On The Danger Zone Of Home Depot With Archer And Ron Swanson

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'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' responds to Lowe's new robots with a parody starring Nick Offerman, Sarah Baker, and H. Jon Benjamin.

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John Oliver Bashes Shady Sugar-Pushing Food Companies, Demands They #ShowUsYourPeanuts

By | 3 Comments

John Oliver takes a sobering look at sugar consumption and the way it's unknowingly pushed on consumers


John Oliver’s Revelation About Our Government This Week Will Make You Unbelievably Furious

By | 26 Comments

The 'Last Week Tonight' segment on translators in Afghanistan will make your blood boil.

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John Oliver Delivers The Definitive Pumpkin Spice Takedown

By | 16 Comments

John Oliver is not happy with America's pumpkin spice obsession, so he offers some alternative fall-themed flavors.

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