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Lena Dunham Topped Adam Sandler’s Chris Farley Story With Her Chris Farley Sex Secret

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Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, and Lena Dunham would be a weird threesome.


Norm Macdonald Is Campaigning To Become The Host Of ‘The Late Late Show’

By | 25 Comments

Is Norm Macdonald the right choice for Craig Ferguson's replacement on 'The Late Late Show?'


Joel McHale Crushed Your ‘Late Late Show’ Dreams Before You Even Had Them

By | 3 Comments

Howard Stern asked Joel McHale if he'd want Craig Ferguson's job, but even if CBS offered, he's hoping 'Community' is renewed.


Craig Ferguson Gave Hayden Panettiere Important Advice On Hiding Drugs In Her Leather Pants

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Craig Ferguson and Hayden Panettiere have a lot in common: they both love leather pants.


Bill Hader Had A Delightful Chat With Craig Ferguson About The Inspiration For Stefon And Everything Else

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A fun discussion about Comic-Con, Hader's SNL characters, and what it's like to write for South Park.


Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Had A Delightful Conversation About Pretty Much Nothing In Particular

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Highlights include: India's King Ralph and Jon Hamm's award show host shortcomings,

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Watch Craig Ferguson See How Far He Can Go Without Being Pixelated By Network Censors

By | 14 Comments

At what point while drawing a penis will network censors step in an pixelate? Craig Ferguson investigates.


Craig Ferguson Renewed Through 2014, But Who Will Replace Dave?

By | 13 Comments

News out of CBS is that Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" is nearing a deal that would keep him on the show at least through 2014.

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Craig Ferguson to Host Shark Week

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This is the cold open to last night's "Late Late Show," in which Craig Ferguson announces via hand puppet that he'll be the host of Discovery Channel's Shark Week this year.

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Last night, Craig Ferguson delivered another "Late Late Show" cold opener full of excellence when he addressed all the different white men who are changing jobs in late night television.

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A good way to lose your finger Jimmy Fallon will make his semi-anticipated debut on NBC's "Late Night" this Monday (March 2nd) with guest Robert DeNiro and house band The Roots, but CBS has a devious plan to steal hype and viewers from the new program.

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