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The 10 Most Viral Clips From ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

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From mom dancing to tight pants and #hashtags, Jimmy Fallon's run on 'Late Night' has given us some classic sketches.

late night with jimmy fallon

What’s On Tonight: The Beginning Of Best-Of Week On ‘Late Night’

By | 6 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including a special best-of episode of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

late night

Watch Barry Gibb Belt Out Everly Brothers Tunes With Jimmy Fallon


Barry Gibb joins Jimmy Fallon to harmonize classic songs from the Everly Brothers. Great, as expected.


Bruce Springsteen Was Born To Mock Chris Christie With Jimmy Fallon On ‘Late Night’


Bruce Springsteen joined Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" to sing about Chris Christie.

late night with jimmy fallon

Celebrate 5 Years Of ‘Late Night’ With Jimmy Fallon’s 15 Greatest Dancing GIFs

By | 32 Comments

Jimmy Fallon celebrates five years of "Late Night" tonight. Here are his finest dance moves over the half-decade.

jimmy fallon

This Long Lost Footage Of Amy Adams’s On-Camera Debut Confirms Her Ability To Make Anything Adorable

By | 9 Comments

It became clear Amy Adams was destined for greatness when she made a 'Grease'-themed local bank commercial watchable.

late night with jimmy fallon

Tracy Morgan Helps ‘Late Night’ Celebrate Thanksgiving By Being Tracy Morgan

By | 4 Comments

Check out this amazing bit by Tracy Morgan on 'Late Night' to celebrate Thanksgiving before your family ruins it.

late night with jimmy fallon

Taran Killam From ‘SNL’ Executed A Near Perfect Interview Bomb On Bobby Moynihan & Jimmy Fallon

By | 4 Comments

Being inseparable BFFs with future star Taran Killam is not hurting Bobby Moynihan's cause.

late night with jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon And Will Forte Will Now Demonstrate The Xbox One


Last week it was the PS4 and now Jimmy Fallon is back to help promote the Xbox One alongside Will Forte.


These ‘Late Night’ #Hashtags Will Hit A Little Too Close To Home


Jimmy Fallon pulled out the weekly hashtags and found out what Twitter had to dish on their weirdest family members.

late night with jimmy fallon

Watch Jimmy Fallon And Mariah Carey Surprise Some Super Fans With Hilarious Results

By | 3 Comments

Jimmy Fallon and Mariah Carey team up again to surprise some unsuspecting super fans with an impromptu performance.

late night with jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Celebrity Whispers’ Is ‘Bad Lip Reading’ With British Flair And A Terrible Hairdo

By | 2 Comments

Watch this "Celebrity Whispers" sketch with a loved one or something you can hold close like a pillow.

Books to Avoid

Please Allow Jimmy Fallon To Advise You On What Books To Avoid Reading This Fall

By | 3 Comments

'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' highlights books to avoid reading this Fall and holiday season.

late night with jimmy fallon

Allow Jimmy Fallon To Outline The Pros And Cons Of Zombiehood

By | 2 Comments

Jimmy Fallon offers up the Pros & Cons of being a zombie, eating at Waffle House and working at Best Buy.

Watch Pearl Jam Perform 'Sirens' And 'Lightning Bolt On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

By | 5 Comments

In case you haven't been paying attention, this week has been Pearl Jam Week on Jimmy Fallon's show. The band itself finally showed up.

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