Watch Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Change The Game With Their Micro-Impressions

By | 26 Comments

Abbi and Ilana from 'Broad City' are embracing the quickening pace of the world with their fun-sized impressions.

dakota johnson

Dakota Johnson Wants To Know If David Letterman’s Her Real Dad


What were David Letterman and Melanie Griffith up to in the 1980s?


Adam Scott’s Kids Think He’s A Washed Up Actor Now That ‘Parks And Recreation’ Is Ending

By | 4 Comments

On the bright side, Adam Scott has a bright future ahead of him as a professional butt smeller.

#Jon Stewart

Which Media Icons Will We Run To When The Media Icons We’ve Always Run To Are Gone?

By | 13 Comments

With Stewart, Letterman and now David Carr, we lost or are losing the people who could make us feel better. Who will we now turn to?


Watch Steve Carell Read A Scathing Review About The ‘True Horror’ Of His Early Sitcom Acting

By | 2 Comments

Poor Steve Carell got ripped apart in his very first role on a major network sitcom.


Martin Short Told A Delightful Story About Nick Nolte Getting Drunk During A ‘Three Fugitives’ Dinner

By | 2 Comments

Martin Short worked with Nick Nolte on an '80s film called 'Three Fugitives' and he recalled a very awkward dinner from that time.

Ryan Reynolds

David Letterman Tried His Hardest To Get Ryan Reynolds To Reveal His Baby’s Name

By | 3 Comments

Ryan Reynolds is steadfast in keeping the name of his baby with Blake Lively a secret for now.

#Stephen Colbert

Mark Your Calendars, Heroes: We Have A Premiere Date For ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

By | 2 Comments

CBS has announced an official start date for 'Late Show With Stephen Colbert'.

david letterman

Watch David Letterman Go Crazy For Foxygen, His New Favorite Band

By | 2 Comments

Move over, Future Islands, Letterman's fanboy'ing over Foxygen now.

joaquin phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Dies Inside Every Time He Does An Interview, As Evidenced By This Video

By | 3 Comments

This video sums up Joaquin Phoenix's struggle better than anything we've ever seen.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX Rolled Around On A Piano While Wearing Lingerie On ‘Letterman’

By | 8 Comments

Fresh off releasing a new album, Charli XCX performed "Need Ur Luv" on "Letterman."


J. Cole Performs His Mike Brown Tribute ‘Be Free’ On ‘Letterman’

By | 42 Comments

J.Cole uses the national television spotlight to perform "Be Free."


Olivia Munn Looked Super Uncomfortable In A Very Short Skirt On ‘Letterman’

By | 25 Comments

Olivia Munn will rethink her outfit before making her next late-night show appearance.


Wu-Tang Clan Brought The ‘Ruckus’ To ‘Letterman’ Last Night

By | 3 Comments

Will David Letterman still listen to Wu-Tang Clan after he retires?

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