brian williams

Brian Williams Vied For Both Leno And Letterman’s Job According To A New Report


Brian Williams apparently sought after both the Tonight Show and Late Show host seats when they opened up.

brian williams

Brian Williams Cancels His ‘Late Show’ Appearance Set For Thursday


The embattled NBC Nightly News anchor famously told Letterman his now-questionable Iraq story back in 2013.

david letterman

David Letterman Will Host His Final ‘Late Show’ On May 20, 2015

It's a Wednesday, which is kind of weird, but whatever. After 6,028 episodes, Letterman can do whatever the hell he wants at this point.

#Stephen Colbert

Here’s The Real Stephen Colbert Roasting President Obama Ahead Of Tonight’s ‘Colbert Report’

Some think it's a preview of things to come on the post-Letterman 'Late Show,' but I think it's a meta-intro to tonight's 'Colbert Report.'


Tim Duncan Revealed To David Letterman Why He’s Sticking Around Another Year


On tonight's 'Late Show,' Tim Duncan tells David Letterman that he still has another good year in him, much to Spurs fans' delight.


Here’s Your First Look At Stephen Colbert On Tonight’s ‘Late Show’


In this preview for tonight's 'Late Show,' David Letterman pays a compliment to his guest and eventual replacement, Stephen Colbert.


Watch Stephen Colbert Pay A Heartfelt And Hilarious Tribute To David Letterman On ‘The Colbert Report’


This might be Stephen Colbert's first step toward shedding the "Stephen Colbert" character.


Kerri Russell Explains To Letterman How She Channeled ‘The Americans’ When A Burglar Robbed Her Home


Keri Russell plays a fictional Russian spy on the FX drama 'The Americans,' but she confused it for real life when she found a burglar in her home.

late show

Brian Williams And David Letterman Square Off Over Late Night Loyalties And ‘Little’ Jimmy Fallon


Brian Williams stopped in to talk with David Letterman about the future of late night television and Williams' own loyalties with Jimmy Fallon.


Paul Rudd Tells Letterman About The Time He Tried To Stop A Drag Queen Brawl In Full ‘Anchorman’ Costume


The visual of Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana racing to break up a fight between a group of warring drag queens warms my heart this Christmas.


David Letterman is Very Interested in Drums

Here's an incredibly repetitive compilation of David Letterman asking drummers about their drums.


Bill Hader Swigged Tequila And Did The 'Yo Gabba Gabba' 'Dancey Dance' On Letterman Last Night


Watch Bill Hader, dressed like he's making a run to Home Depot, demonstrate something called the "Dancey Dance," which is apparently a big thing in Yo Gabba Gabba land. It also drives one to swig tequila straight from the bottle, it appears.


Top 10 Things We've Learned About Mars

David Letterman's Top 10 for August 16, 2012: "Top 10 Things We've Learned About Mars.


Top 10 Rejected Lionel Richie Song Lyrics

Lionel Richie himself presents (and performs) David Letterman's "Top 10" for Wednesday, August 15.

#bill murray

Bill Murray Unveils His Hologram On Letterman, Talks Chevy Chase And 'Ghostbusters 3'


From the moment I saw the names "Murray" and "Letterman" juxtaposed in WG's "What's On Tonight" post I knew exactly how I'd be kicking off Friday morning.

silversun pickups

Silversun Pickups Rocked Letterman Last Night


In a previous post featuring the Silversun Pickups I mentioned how a performance by the band on Letterman a couple of years back literally inspired me to got up off my couch and start air-guitaring all over my living room, so I made a point to DVR their return performance last night.

late show

Conan And Letterman Got Together And Trashed Leno Hilariously Last Night


As I've mentioned previously, few things delight me more than David Letterman trashing Jay Leno, so when I learned that Conan was going to be Dave's guest for the first time in 13 years last night, I made sure to watch it live, because I figured that the whole thing would involve a healthy serving to Leno-bashing.


Best Coast Performed 'The Only Place' On Letterman Last Night


In describing Best Coast's "sparkling" new album, Randall Roberts of the LA Times said this: With a voice that strives to hit Neko Case and Martha Reeves territory but which more often than not is in the Belinda Carlysle and Suzanna Hoffs range, (Bethany) Cosentino’s strength as a vocalist doesn't come from pitch-perfect vocal tone, but rather, it lies in how she and Bruno craft solid, three and four minute pop songs that suggest everyone from Buddy Holly to the Crystals to the Bangles without sounding like any of them.


Adam Scott And Nick Offerman Are Here To Crash Your Dorm Party


All-around super-duper likable guy Adam Scott dropped by The Late Show last night, presumably to promote something, but all that matters is that he instead regaled Letterman and the audience with a story about the time he and Nick Offerman decided to drink beers with some college students at Cal Tech.

live performances

Florence And The Machine Performed 'No Light, No Light' On Letterman Last Night

On of my few regrets about Jazz Fest 2012 is that I didn't make it out to the Fairgrounds last Thursday to see Florence and the Machine perform.

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