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Drake Says Jennifer Lawrence Can Get It In His New Song, 'Draft Day'

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Drake samples Lauryn Hill, disses Chance the Rapper, namechecks Jennifer Lawrence.

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Lauryn Hill Just Got Out Of Prison And Has Already Released A New Song, 'Consumerism'

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The same day Lauryn Hill was released from prison, she recorded a new song, "Consumerism."


Lauryn Hill Paid Off Her Tax Debt In A Mysterious, Bizarre Way. Naturally.

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Lauryn Hill paid off her $900,000 tax debt, but there are still so many questions about how it happened.

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Lauryn Hill Released A New Song, ‘Neurotic Society,’ For A Very Depressing Reason

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Hear the new Lauryn Hill song, "Neurotic Society," that she was required by her label to release.

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15 Musicians Who Were Sent To Jail At The Peak Of Their Careers

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As we <a href="">mentioned last week</a>, woefully miseducated singer Lauryn Hill may spend up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges.

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On The Slow, Sad Decline Of Lauryn Hill

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One of our greatest faults as humans, outside of the fact that we haven't created a calorie-less double-bacon cheeseburger, is our penchant to laugh and criticize those we don’t know.

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Lauryn Hill Channels Bob Marley on Jimmy Fallon

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Fresh off of <a href="">her hot mess performance at Jazz Fest in New Orleans</a> last weekend, Lauryn Hill was a guest on<a href=""> "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"</a> last night to pay tribute to Bob Marley -- as all the musical guests on Fallon's show have done this week.

Lauryn Hill Was A Hot Mess At Jazz Fest

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On Saturday evening I was at Jazz Fest watching The Strokes -- who started their set 15 minutes and late and finished 15 minutes early -- perform at Jazz Fest when I received the following text from a friend who was watching Lauryn Hill at one of the other of the festival's many stages: "Lauryn Hill is going insane before my very eyes.

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