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How Common And Lauryn Hill’s ‘Retrospect For Life’ Became The Ultimate Dose Of Truth Serum

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"It's too many Black women that can say that they mothers but can't say that they wives..."


Lauryn Hill Explains The Origins Of ‘Black Rage’ In Ferguson Tribute

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L-Boogie extends her support to Michael Brown's hometown.


Drake Says Jennifer Lawrence Can Get It In His New Song, 'Draft Day'

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Drake samples Lauryn Hill, disses Chance the Rapper, namechecks Jennifer Lawrence.


Lauryn Hill Performing “Final Hour” Live

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"Ms. Hill, from New York to Is-rael."


Lauryn Hill Just Got Out Of Prison And Has Already Released A New Song, 'Consumerism'

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The same day Lauryn Hill was released from prison, she recorded a new song, "Consumerism."


Lauryn Hill – “Consumerism”

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If you're into conscious-y, spoken word-y speed-raps that slightly shame you into briefly wanting to take a stand against everything wrong with society, take a listen to Lauryn Hill's "Consumerism.


Lauryn Hill Sends Fans A Kite From Prison


Lauryn Hill's doing her prison bid alone but she's not without support from fans.


Lauryn Hill’s Officially An Inmate As Of Today

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After being convicted of tax evasion back in May of this year, Lauryn Hill is now officially an inmate.


Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison For Tax Evasion

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Lauryn Hill went to court Monday, thinking she could spend as much as three years in prison for tax evasion.


Lauryn Hill Paid Off Her Tax Debt In A Mysterious, Bizarre Way. Naturally.

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Lauryn Hill paid off her $900,000 tax debt, but there are still so many questions about how it happened.

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Lauryn Hill – “Neurotic Society” (Compulsory Mix)

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The powers that be backed L-Boogie into a corner and forced her hand to release "Neurotic Society.

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Lauryn Hill Released A New Song, ‘Neurotic Society,’ For A Very Depressing Reason

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Hear the new Lauryn Hill song, "Neurotic Society," that she was required by her label to release.


Taxman Forces Lauryn Hill To Sign New Record Deal, Will Release 5 New Songs, Possibly An Album

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Photo: The Star-Ledger Lauryn Hill went to court Monday expecting to be sentenced for tax evasion.

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The iPod Shuffle – Fugees’ “Vocab”

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Rap City kids will remember this one.


9.19 The Cooler

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Tabby Brown 20 Celebrity Facebook Statuses That Use "Cruel Summer" Lyrics [Complex] When's the Gas-Price Plunge Coming.

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Wyclef Throws Lauryn Hill Under The Bus

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With the release of producer/rapper Wyclef Jean's autobiography, Purpose: An Immigrant's Story tomorrow, gone will be our dreams for a true Fugees reunion.


9.17 The Cooler

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Nya Lee DMX Reportedly Becomes Deacon In Church [The Urban Daily] Chicago Teen Attempts Car Bomb In Jihad Attempt [Chicago Sun-Times] Clint Eastwood Explains His RNC Speech [CNN] The 2012 Fall Movies Guide [Film Drunk] Romney's Poor Political Timing Worsens [The Root] Mike Miller Says He’ll [...].

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8.21 The Cooler

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Yasmin Ortega Kelly Rowland To Star in New BET Comedy [Vibe] Juvenile Arrested After Florida Club Fight [Entertainment Weekly] Lauryn Hill Passes On Interview With Oprah [Hip-Hop Wired] Wwatch Mystikal’s First Post-Prison Interview [The Urban Daily] Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At Critics In Twit-tandrum [C+D] Google vs.

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