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Belle Knox On Her ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode: ‘It’s Incredibly Hard To Watch’

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Last night's episode of 'Law & Order: SVU' was partially based on Belle Knox's story, and she admits that it was very realistic at times.


Leonard Belzer, The Older Brother Of Richard Belzer, Jumped To His Death This Morning

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The former radio show host and husband of a 'Sesame Street' director was 73.


Almost Every Single Cast Member Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Has Appeared On ‘Law & Order’

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A better question would be, what cast members of 'Orange Is The New Black' *haven't* been on Law and Order'?


‘Law & Order’ Star Dennis Farina Died Today. Here He Is Saying ‘F*ck’ For 90 Seconds.

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Character actor Dennis Farina passed away together. Here he is a supercut of him swearing.


Supercut: The Most Ridiculous Made-Up Websites From ‘Law & Order’

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Here is a supercut of some of the most ridiculous fake websites from "Law & Order." I wish was real.


Revisit Mischa Barton’s Tough-Talking Prostitute In This ‘Law & Order’ Celebrities Supercut

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Check out this supercut of a number of celebrities appearing on "Law & Order," including Claire Danes and John Stamos, over the years.


Your First Look at ‘Community’s’ ‘Law & Order’ Episode

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I'm typically not terribly keen on posting promos for television episodes, especially promos that force you to watch a commercial before you CAN WATCH THE COMMERCIAL.


'Community' Intro Done In 'Law and Order' Style Is Streets Ahead

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DUN DUN Community returns from hiatus this Thursday, so Tauntr put together a mashup of Community and NBC's longtime meal-ticket show, Law & Order, which is particularly fitting since an upcoming episode of Community is going to pay homage to the straight-from-the-headlines procedural.

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Ripped From The Headlines!


The gritty world of video game addiction was tackled by a recent episode of Law & Order: SVU (co-produced by Speed Weed, so you know it's good).


Batman arrested, Robin inconsolable

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A Philadelphia man who often dresses as Batman and named his daughters HarleyQuinn and Bat Girl has been arrested for stalking a celebrity.

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