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John Oliver Put Jeff Goldblum In A ‘Law & Order’ Parody To Show How Cops Can Steal For No Reason

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John Oliver used Jeff Goldblum and a 'Law & Order' parody to explain how police can just take your stuff any time they want.

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At Tonight’s Ray Rice-Themed ‘SVU’ Episode

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Tonight's episode of SVU is about athletes and domestic abuse. Prepare yourself for some really horrendous acting.

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Amy Poehler’s First ‘SNL’ Sketch Made Fun Of Another NBC Show

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Amy Poehler made her debut appearance on "SNL" in 2001. Her first sketch was a surprising one.

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Friday Conversation: Stuck On A Deserted Island. One TV Drama And One TV Comedy. Go.

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This week's discussion: What TV drama and comedy would you bring with you to a deserted island?

Law & Order

About The 1991 Episode Of ‘Law & Order’ Where Jerry Orbach Played A Defense Attorney

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Before he was Detective Lennie Briscoe, Jerry Orbach played a defense attorney in a 1991 episode of "Law & Order."

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Here’s The ‘Game Of Thrones’ / ‘Law & Order’ Mashup Someone Thought You Wanted

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After this week's episode, someone got the bright idea to mash 'Law & Order' with 'Game of Thrones.'


Here's What 'True Detective' Would Look Like With 'Law & Order'-Style Opening Credits

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Finally, the answer to True Detective's most nagging question: What would the opening credits look like if they were done Law & Order-style?


The Fascinating Evolution Of Computer Technology Can Be Tracked In ‘Law & Order’ Screenshots

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One man took 11,000 screenshots from 456 episodes of 'Law & Order' to show how the computer technology has evolved over the last 20 years.


Law & Order: Necrophiliacs


They love their work.

Law & Order

The Best Song About ‘Law & Order’ You Will Ever Hear

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Here is an incredibly catchy song about 'Law & Order.' It will be stuck in your head all day. YOU'RE WELCOME.


Supercut: Celebrities on ‘Law & Order’


The most famous people to ever guest star on Law & Order -- including Samuel L.


Sodomy Jokes, Nazi Salutes, And Fox News Slams Are The Keys To Any Good Morning Show Appearance

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He decided to tell a sodomy joke and give the Nazi salute “to all your colleagues at the other division,” as one does when they’re on live TV.

Law & Order: SVU

25 Actors Who Were on 'Law & Order' Before You Knew Who They Were

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A glimpse at what 25 before they were famous actors looked like on 'Law & Order,' before they got old, got fat, got a nose job, or hit puberty.


Carmelo Anthony & Chris Bosh On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


We told you in August that Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh would be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and last night that episode aired.


Christopher Meloni Trades SVU For Superman Reboot

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After 12 years of investigating disturbing sex crimes and crossing-the-line-once-again every week, Christopher Meloni has shocked Law & Order: SVU fans by announcing that he's leaving his role as Det.


Ten TV Stars Who Left Hit Shows And Now Appear in Made-for-TV Movies

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I wouldn't be too worried for the career of Steve Carell after he leaves "The Office" tomorrow.

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5.16 The Cooler

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'Just Wright' Is Not Quite [Pop Matters] Heroin About to Get a Whole Lot More Expensive [Gawker] The Worst Possible NBA Jam One-Liners [SBNation] Digital Retailers, Profit Per Song [Wesley Verhoeve] Vans Archive Pack Summer 2010 [Sole Collector] The Bloggers Who Are Reinventing Sports Media [...].


‘Law & Order’ Officially Canceled

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After a day of will-it-or-won't-it, NBC has confirmed that the flagship "Law & Order," which has aired for twenty seasons, will not be renewed, thus ensuring that it won't break the record it shares with "Gunsmoke" for longevity for a drama series.


Get Bent, ABC

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Well, ABC has made official what's been obvious for nine months: "Better Off Ted" has been canceled.

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