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The Kid Jailed For A Facebook Joke Is Out On Bail Thanks To An Anonymous $500,000 Bail Donation

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The kid thrown in jail for a Facebook joke and slapped with a half-million bail has finally been freed thanks to an anonymous $500K donation.


Lawyer For Alleged Armored Car Robber Demands NSA Hand Over Phone Records That Would Exonerate His Client

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Federal prosecutors claim they can't find Terrance Brown's phone records. Too bad PRISM leaked, huh? Your move, NSA!

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Twitter, Anti-Semitism, And A Quietly Important Free Speech Case

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Twitter runs afoul of French law... but does French law apply? Should it? Inside a tricky and potentially Internet-changing case.


Facebook Law Meeting


The Facebook sales team is taking the copyright issue everyone is talking about very seriously.


Facebook Law For Idiots


Sorry, declaring something on your Facebook wall doesn't make it true.


Officially Enter This Into The Record: Stephen Colbert Can Make Anything Funny


As you may have heard, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have been <a href="">exposing the ridiculous laws surrounding campaign finance</a> by starting the Colbert Super PAC and announcing Stephen Colbert's candidacy for The President of the United States of South Carolina.


Star Trek Now Law In Texas

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Texas has a lot that makes it not-awesome, but today we're going to ignore all that and focus on the Texas Supreme Court, which actually cited the best "Star Trek" movie, "Star Trek II", in its legal proceedings.

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