The 5 Most Dysfunctional Franchises In The NBA


If there's one thing more entertaining than a franchise that has all of its bearings together and knows how to put out a great, watchable product, it's a franchise that is capable of doing the exact opposite.


“There Was Always Friction” Between Jason Kidd & Lawrence Frank Says Jay Williams


The news that Nets head coach Jason Kidd had demoted top assistant coach Lawrence Frank might seem shocking to some, but for former Duke and Bulls star and current ESPN analyst, Jay Williams, it was no surprise.


Coach Kidd Says It’s “Just Bad Coaching” After Slow Nets Start & Most Everyone Agrees

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Similar to their crosstown rivals, the Nets have been underwhelming this season, winning only three of their first 10 games and playing abysmal on both sides of the ball.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z Issues Statement About the Nets; Skylar Diggins Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant; Rip Hamilton Shows Off Two U-Hauls-Worth of Kicks

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There were no NBA games last night as we all take a breather before the playoffs start Saturday.


The Rockets Cut Down The Nets Again; The Thunder Bust Their Losing Streak In A Big Way

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Only two dozen or so games remain in the NBA regular season and we still don't fully understand the identity of either the Rockets or the Nets.

Lawrence Frank

The Monster Potential Of Andre Drummond & Why Detroit Won’t Unleash It

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Andre Drummond has been excellent through the first half of his rookie year.

Lawrence Frank

Report: Ben Gordon Is Still Very Frustrated In Detroit


Over the summer, I spent time working on a big feature for Dime #65.

Tom Gores

Rodney Stuckey Is Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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UPDATE: Chad Ford is reporting that Rodney Stuckey is "balking at the Pistons' 5-year, $40-$45 million offer.


FIBA Says NBA Players Can Play Overseas During The Lockout

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We aren't sure how much more we can take of this.


Warriors Make Trade Offer for Dwight Howard; James Harden Goes Berserk in Summer League

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File this under "NO F'ing Way This Will Happen": According to Draft Express, the Golden State Warriors have reportedly offered a package of Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Andris Biedrins to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard.

Sam Perkins

8 Candidates To Fill Out The Blazers’ Assistant Corps

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The Blazers organization has been one of the most stable over the last few NBA seasons.


Jeff Van Gundy, Avery Johnson top candidates for Nets coaching job

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There's this clip of an interview from sometime in the '70s where Howard Cosell goes on a rant about the growing number of ex-pro athletes getting TV broadcasting jobs.


Former Net Ryan Anderson: “In No Way Could You Blame Lawrence Frank”

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The scene inside NBA locker rooms after games is absolute chaotic.


5 NBA Coaches on The Chopping Block

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In the NBA, coaching jobs have the same turnover rate as your local Chili's.

Terrence Williams

The Nets Have One Chance To Avoid The History Books

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The New Jersey Nets are making a run at the wrong side of history.


Super Smash Brothers

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You know you pulled off an incredible dunk when your team doesn't even win the game, you lost to a team that features arguably the best/most famous (active) basketball player in the world and one of the two other most famous players in the world, the dunk itself happened way back in the first quarter of an East Coast tip-off, and it's STILL the first everybody is talking about around the water cooler.

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