A Very Scientific Ranking Of The 29 Worst Celebrity Guests In WrestleMania History

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We're counting down the 29 worst celebrity guests in WWE WrestleMania history, from Kim Kardashian to the 'Where's the Beef?' lady.


11.29 The Cooler

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Ex-NFL Star Lawrence Taylor Hit With Sex Trafficking Lawsuit [News One] Machine Gun Kelly Talks DMX & Drake [Respect] Free Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Kellerman.


8.12 The Cooler

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Danica Logan Miley Cyrus Tops Richest Teen List At $120 Million, Bieber Second With $65.


Lawrence Taylor Should Not Be On A Sex Offender Registry

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NFL Hall Of Famer and noted ephebophile Lawrence Taylor was designated Level 1 sex offender status after a Florida court heard arguments earlier this week.


Six Years Probation

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Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor managed to avoid jail time when he was sentenced to six years probation for doing (business with) an underage prostitute.

Zodiac Signs

1.14 The Cooler

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Lola LaRen Five Reasons The New Zodiac Signs 2011 Should Be Changed Back [Babble] Oh Look, Another College Rap Song [With Leather] Lawrence Taylor Strikes Plea Deal In Rape Case [TUD] Twitter Responds to Gucci Mane's Face Tattoo [The Boombox] Artists Are Connectors And Why [...].


L.T. Not Guilty, Says L.T.

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Alleged statutory rapist and former cocaine lover incredibly scary, New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor plead 'not guilty' to third degree charges of rape, patronizing a prostitute, sexual abuse, and endangering a child earlier today.


LT Claims Self-Service On Rape Charge

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NFL legend Lawrence Taylor has a fun defense for his impending statutory rape charge.


Meet The NFL’s Newest Alleged Rapist

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Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant and New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor is now in the custody of the Ramapo (NY) Police Department earlier this morning.

#Kanye West

9.16 The Cooler

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Sexy Has A Name And It's Deaveny Kanye West And Lady Gaga Announce Fame Kills Tour Dates [MTV] Daft Punk Sign On For DJ Hero Game [Rock On The Streets] Floyd Mayweather Is Still Not A Fan Of MMA [Recall] Who’s the Best Movie Prostitute.



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Giants linebacker and coke-snorting legend Lawrence Taylor did an interview with an independent show with the YES Network that was picked up by the New York Post, and Taylor's conversation with Michael Kay has more than its share of gems.

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