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Does The iPhone 5S Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

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Somehow, Apple has managed, in the iPhone 5S, to create a device that violates your civil rights just by owning it.


Justin Bieber's Monkey Finally Has A New Home

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The German government found Justin Bieber's pet monkey, Mally, a home at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen after the pop star failed to ever claim him.


Texas Man Shoots Escort For Refusing To Sleep With Him, Is Found Not Guilty

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A 30-year old Texas man named Ezekial Gilbert was acquitted of murder yesterday, after a Bexar County jury determined that he justifiably shot a 23-year old escort in 2009.


Airbnb Is Officially Illegal In New York

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Airbnb is officially against the law in New York. But that may not last very long.


50 Weird American Laws


Don't even try to sell your eyeball in Texas.

common sense

Courts: Border Patrol Can’t Go Through Your Laptop At Will

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The Border Patrol now needs a good reason and/or a warrant to look at your files.

here we go again

Remember CISPA? It Might Be Law As Soon As Tomorrow.

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CISPA was less than popular the first time around. Can it handle round two?


Your Facebook Likes Aren't Free Speech, For Now

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A couple of police officers working under sheriff B.


CISPA Not Only Passed the House, They Made It Worse


The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, aka CISPA and "the new SOPA," has little chance of actually becoming a law.


So What Is CISPA, And Why Is It Awful?


<a href=""></a>It's a given that we just don't care about our privacy.


Senate Caps Crowdfunding, Because That Was Necessary

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Were you worried about the potential for fraud in crowdfunding.

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