Robots May Drive Lawyers To Extinction By 2030

By | 15 Comments

"But first, let's kill all the lawyers" is advice robots appear to have taken to heart.


A Lawyer Could Be In Big Trouble For Her Terrible Celebrity Photoshops

By | 13 Comments

No, this random lawyer doesn't know Obama and George Clooney. Why would you ever think that? Oh yeah, her terrible Photoshops.


War Machine Made His Initial Appearance In Court, Claims War Machine Is ‘A Character’

By | 23 Comments

'Fictional character' War Machine made his initial appearance in a Las Vegas court to face charges of attempted murder and sexual assault.

sexual harassment

Kid Rock Issued Two Profanity-Laced Responses Regarding His Infamous Glass Dildo

By | 17 Comments

Kid Rock finally responded to that whole mess with the glass dildo, Insane Clown Posse and a sexual harassment lawsuit.


The Thread Count: A Fashionable History of Wrestling’s Law And Order

By | 50 Comments

This week, our dedicated pro wrestling fashion column looks at pro wrestling's best cops, criminals and lawyers.


Watch The Moment That A Florida Judge Told A Public Defender He’d Beat His Ass

By | 11 Comments

A judge in Brevard County was fed up with the Assistant Public Defender, so they took it outside and provided us with a hilarious video.


This Lawyer Has A Good Excuse For Why His Client Threw A Porn Star Off A Roof

By | 26 Comments

The only letter from a lawyer you'll ever see that mentions "#deepthroat"!


A British Night Club Owner Might Have Just Gotten ‘Glee’ Banned In The United Kingdom

By | 10 Comments

Thanks to a High Court ruling earlier today, "Glee" might be banned from the United Kingdom effective immediately.


Bad News, Fellas: Porn Star Christy Mack’s LEGO ‘Contest’ Isn’t Happening

By | 40 Comments

Some lawyers didn't take too kindly to porn star Christy Mack's sexually-charged LEGO contest, so she had to rescind her Twitter offer to fans.


A Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Really, Really Wants You To Think He Inspired ‘A Few Good Men’

By | 4 Comments

Virginia personal injury lawyer Don Marcari has made a number of commercials implying that he was the inspiration for "A Few Good Men." Yeah, about that...


Jack Clark Wants Albert Pujols To Take A Lie Detector Test Over Steroid Accusations

By | 7 Comments

In case you aren’t following the biggest lawsuits in baseball with a breathless anticipation for each and every legal document, I’ll break down the big two for you very easily: 1) Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball for trying to destroy him.

seed disputes

This ‘Daily Show’ Segment On Biotech Patent Lawyers Will Make You Hate Lawyers More Than You Already Do

By | 27 Comments

Last night on the Daily Show, Aasif Mandvi exposed the greedy, evil farmers who are trying to hurt biotech companies and their armies of nice lawyers.


Video: George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Told A Knock Knock Joke In Court

By | 18 Comments

In making a point about how big this trial is, George Zimmerman's lawyer told a knock-knock joke to the jury.

west orange

This Letter In Response To A Cease And Desist Order Is Pretty Amazing

By | 16 Comments

Average citizen Jake Freivald lives in West Orange, New Jersey and is the owner of the web domain,


The University Of Kansas Wants KU Boobs To Stop Being So Wonderful

By | 5 Comments

What started as a way for guys to gawk at the seemingly endless supply of large-breasted women at the University of Kansas – you know, all in the name of supporting the men’s basketball team – ended up becoming a nationwide fad with copycats and clones popping up left and right.


The NBA Surprisingly Doesn't Approve Of The Miami Heat's Porn Star Fans

By | 11 Comments

We’re less than a month away from the most important basketball event of the summer, and it appears that the NBA is trying to ruin the fun for everyone.


So Long, Jerry Sandusky

By | 15 Comments

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was convicted Saturday on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse, misconduct, and a variety of other terrible, despicable, and truly heinous charges, which means that, barring an appeal miracle, the 68-year old will rot in jail until the day that he dies.


With Spandex Episode 4: Veda Scott

By | 28 Comments

This week's With Spandex guest is Veda Scott, a talented young wrestler who you may've seen interviewing stars backstage at Ring Of Honor, hyping upcoming events from the CHIKARA offices or competing in the ring everywhere from Beyond Wrestling in the Northeast to Absolute Intense Wrestling in the Midwest.


Attention Scantily Clad Women: Do Not Tweet Your Pictures With Tim Tebow

By | 8 Comments

In a story that I’ve paid little attention to because it makes me dismissively wank with poor mechanics, New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow and his handlers are suing two Jets fans for making a Jesus-themed Jets t-shirt.

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